Chapter 4: I must be dreaming

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Chapter 4

I watched him as he exited his quarters and proceeded to the platform. All conversation died when he cleared his throat and everybody turned to look at him. He stood with his feet apart and his arms crossed. In front of me too girls were whispering to each other ,arguing  really, over whether the Alpha or his beta was more handsome, I rolled my eyes; they were acting like some crazy sex-crazed fan girls.

“Laken, are you planning on joining us or do you plan to stay plastered on that wall all day?” My eyes shot up to the platform, shocked that he had addressed me in front of the pack. I pushed off the wall reluctantly, my cheeks burning with embarrassment as everyone turned to look at me. As I looked around at the many curious faces I caught my father’s disapproving look.

“You know better.” he mouthed and I shrank under is gaze.

 The Alpa strikes again…

 I had described my hatred of him to Lyla in so many ways since that night and at that moment I could think of a few more colorful words to describe him.

 He was nothing but a bully, no different from Daryl and his cronies, preying on the weak just because he had a little…okay a lot of power. I hated him for what he was doing to me. It was eating me up inside, the thought of being alone forever because who knew if he meant no relationships for now, or no relationships indefinitely.

Did I mention how much I despised the jerk? I had thought about it for days now and the only way I could get out of this obligation was to turn rogue and leave the pack, oppose the alpha and get myself killed or kill him, none of those prospects were tasteful and so here I was stuck in this godforsaken place with a bunch of people who couldn’t stand me and no hope of ever finding love.

“Have you found her Alpha? It’s drawing near to the full moon.”

My eyes shot up at the question. Someone had just addressed Carson with regards to is mate, or rather lack of a mate. The full moon was right around the corner and it was expected that the alpha find his mate to perform the mating ritual on the night of the coming full moon, otherwise he would have to wait until the next and everyone knew an Alpha was stronger when he had his mate by his side.

“She will come in time, don’t trouble yourself with that.” his gaze travelled through the crowd and our eyes locked.  I looked away.

So the Alpha gets to find his mate and live happily ever after?  Talk about hypocritical.

What surprised me was the fact that the thought of him finding a mate saddened me more than the prospect of me being alone and I couldn’t believe that I still cared for him after everything that had happened.

How pathetic!

 Before long the meeting had ended and I hadn’t even heard a thing that was said. It was like math class all over again. I turned to leave and I felt a hand on my arm.

“Laken the next time you let the Alpha call you out in a meeting like that-“ my dad began but I cut him off.

“Yeah yeah yeah... I know…won’t happen again.” I mumbled and freed myself from his grasp.

“Laken.” We both looked up at the sound of my name.

It was the Alpha.

 “A word.” He continued and stood waiting for me to go over to him.

Instead I turned away from him and rolled my eyes.  If he wanted me he could come get me, I mean what did he take me for  anyway, like if he asked me to jump I’d ask him how high...

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