Chapter 48: No one checks the prego.

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Before leaving the room I pull out a phone from my cleavage. "What the hell are you hiding in there?" Vincenzo asks in amazement. "The essentials and soon your face. Besides no one ever searches the pregnant woman. " I says winking at him. "Carefull baby or I'm going to fuck you in this guards blood." He retorts. "Oh that's disgusting and yet kinda hot." I say as he just smirks.

I dial the number and Caleb picks up on the first ring. "Your on speaker. Tell us what you need." He says. "One Vincenzo is alive. Stephens is on our side they had this all planned." I start off. "What? My son is alive?" Vincent asks. His voice close to sobs. "Yes, you will get to talk to him as soon as our mission is done. Now I need you all to direct me to Nico. The plan still stays on point understand?" I command. "Fuck, keep it up like this and my dick will be so hard I won't be able to walk. That or I'll be the guy that brought a sword to a gun fight." Vincenzo says in the background. Everyone on the other end starts to laugh. "My boy. He is alive. My son is alive." I hear Vincent cry.

"Okay I'm switching to the ear piece. Guide us to Stephens then to Nico. After I kill him guide us out." I say switching to the ear piece and tucking the phone into my shorts. "Stephens is coming your way now. He looks to be alone." Caleb says. A minute later the door opens and Stephens comes in. He goes to Vincenzo and hugs him. "You okay bro?" He asks. Vincenzo nobs his head yes. "Looks like somethings have changed." He gestures over to me. Stephens walks over to my grandfather and hugs him. "I'm sorry I had to lie to you in needed to be believable to Nico." Stephens explained. "My grandfather hugs him back. "I thought I lost you my son. I'm glad that's not the case." He smiles.

"Okay sorry to break thinks up but this little guy is craving a milkshake and carnage." I say pointing to my belly. They all look at me like I'm crazy. "Okay okay.... he is craving the milkshakes and my hormones are the ones craving the kill." I say as I blush. Vincenzo laughs. "I'm so knocking you up all the time. We are going to have hundreds of kids." He smiles.

With the guidance from my team outside I make it to Nico's room. "Fall back." I tell the guys. I walk up to the door and open it seeing a naked woman bouncing on Nico. "Oh my goodness I'm so sorry. I say covering my eyes and closing the door pretending to be embarrassed. "Athena wait." He yells as he quickly come to me. "How did you get here?" He asks. "I'm sorry I'm so hungry and I haven't seen a guard around. I was just looking for the kitchen. Honestly I didn't mean to interrupt." I explained. "She is nothing baby. No worries. She is just something to pass the time. She isn't you. You are the only one in my heart." He says as he pulls me in for a hug. "I understand." I say as he begins to kiss my neck. He presses me further to him to suck on my neck and I reach for my knife.

The door creaks open. "Well this is a boner killer." Vincenzo's voice rings out behind us causing Nico to be distracted. "How?" Nico asks pulling me behind him. Vincenzo walks up to him." Did you think you could out wit me? Do you really think that me the strongest most fear leader in the world is weak?" Vincenzo laughs. That just shows how weak a leader you are." Vincenzo finishes. "Well either way I have her now so I win." Nico says as I cuddle into him from behind wrapping my arm around him from over his shoulders. "You see Athena and I belong toget... " he gets cut off. Pulling out my knife I plunge it into his heart. He drops to his knees and looks dazed as I walk around to face him. He looks up to me. His face somewhat confused and panicked. "You did say I'm the only one in your heart well I was just making that a reality." I laugh bitterly. "I belong only to my Vincenzo." I say as I to a spin kick shoving the knife further in his chest. I then pick up his gun and shot him a few times for good measure.

"Okay boner ragging again." Vincenzo says wrapping his arms around my hips. "I would love to indulge but we are not done." I say pulling out Nico's phone and texting everyone of his men to meet in the basement to prepare for a strategy meeting.

We finally reach our base a abandoned factory away from the mansion. Vincent and Caleb run to hug Vincenzo while I go over to Donovan. "How many are in there now?" I ask. "Everyone that matters as you said." Donovan answers. Vincenzo breaks away from the hug fest. "What's going on." He asks. "Just showing people what happens when you mess with what's mine. Isn't that what you say?" I ask. He shakes his head smiling. "Now.... light it up. Team 6 go. Team 5 go. Team 4 go. Team 3 go. Team 2 go. Team 1 finish them." I order. One by one each team consisting of four guys on computers detonate the explosives. On the computer screen we watch as the property around the mansion along with the mansion blows up and becomes nothing.

"You did this? You planned this?" Vincenzo asks. "Yes, now everyone will know not to mess with our families. They will know that you belong to me and I to you. Who ever tries to harm our families will be dealt with." I say seriously. "EVERYONE OUT!" Vincenzo yells. "What's wrong?" His dad asks. "Nothing Dad I just need to have my face deep in her pussy or I'll combust next." He says as he stalks to me.

"We'll be outside." My grandfather laughs.

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