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Name: Vydia Hargreeves-Bennett

Birthdate: January 24th, 1989

Age: Mentally 58, Physically 16 (Act One). Mentally 59, Physically 17 (Act Two)

Height: 5'4

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Sex: Female

Species: Human (Genetically enhanced)

Family: Mother (Classified), Father (Classified), Five Hargreeves (spouse), Thomas Hargreeves-Bennett (son, deceased), Luther Hargreeves (Brother-in-law), Diego Hargreeves (Brother-in-law), Allison Hargreeves (Sister-in-law), Klaus Hargreeves (Brother-in-law), Ben Hargreeves (Brother-in-law, deceased), Vanya Hargreeves (Sister-in-law), Reginald Hargreeves (Father-in-law), Grace (Mother-in-law)

Abilities: Bionic Super Human (Shown Below)

Super Durability: Withstand more damage than regular humans

Super Agility: Able to adapt and move swiftly

Force Field: Create a shield for protection from objects. Can also shrink and throw like a weapon

Geo-leap: Person could teleport sending signals to their molecules allowing them to go where they wish

Bio-Thermokinesis: Person could control their body temperature allowing them to adjust to their environment

Laser Bo: Person is able to create a laser staff from their hands

Super Senses: Senses are dilated 5 times more than the human average

Super Strength: Increase in strength

Voice Manipulation: User can manipulate their vocal cords to mimic other people voices

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