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Slowly I drank my coffee officer Fabian gave me. It was still warm. I was thinking a lot. Probably overthinking. I worried about Martin. If he knew, if he knew about my ability that I could change my age and appearance then I didn't know how he found out. I could control my ability since a few years. I didn't changed when I didn't wanted to. I always had control over it. I felt it if something was wrong, I felt it when I changed. I couldn't change anymore without me knowing about it.

It was only when I was younger and when I just got my ability to change my age that I would lose control and change when I was angry, drunk or asleep. It didn't happend anymore. If he knew how did he find out? He talked to a doctor because he was worried about me? What did I do? I had so much thoughts and questions in my head. I needed a break. A distraction. Officer Fabian will stay home with me for a while till he got news from Salinda who was talking with the doctor at the seminar. We still had to wait.

I finished my coffee and stood up to go to the bathroom. I took a shower and tried not to think of Martin but it wasn't that easy. I sighed and covered my wet body with a big towel. I got dressed in a black shirt, a light blue vest and a blue jeans. I left the bathroom and went into the living room. Fabian was still in the kitchen tipping on his phone. Maybe he got a message but he will tell me right away if it was news from Salinda. I sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV.

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