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| 9PM |

Everyone's just had a big Christmas feast out in the rose garden. It was delicious, thanks to Dakota's delightful baking and Liz's amazing cooking.

The real party has just started. The alcohol is out, loud chatter fills the air, and by Ara's begging request, The 1975 album blasts out through the speakers.

People are already starting to drink, and obviously, Juliet being Juliet, is already pissed drunk.

Everyone has arrived; Louis and Ara, Liam and Janet, Niall and Fran, Clive and Maxine... But no sign of Zayn and Elsie.

"Holly," Dakota taps my shoulder, "do you know where Elsie is?"

"Her and Zayn haven't arrived yet" I turn around.

"Yet? It's like nine?"

I sigh, "I don't know, Kota"

"Hey, look at Lola" Dakota points to Lola.

I look at Lola. She's sitting at the bar with Louis, they're both laughing.

"What about her?"

"She's with Louis!"


"Lola has a crush" Dakota nudges me.

"Well, at least she's not being her miserable self"

Dakota stares at Lola and tilts her head, "I'm gonna go over there."

I get Dakota's arm, "No! Leave them alone"

"What? I'm the oldest in The Dollhouse and Lola is the youngest, gotta watch out for my little girl" Dakota pouts.

"Lola isn't the youngest?"

"Yeah? She's, like, your age. Eighteen."

"Macy only turned seventeen, like, two weeks ago."

"Who cares, I'm still going over there"

"Don't. You're so nosy"

"Bye, little sis" Dakota says before walking away.

Stuck in boredom, I search for Harry until I find him sitting comfortably in front of the heater in the smaller living room with Niall.

"Mind if I chill with you guys?" I say, sitting down next to Harry.

"I thought you were with Ara?" Niall asks.

"She went off with Maxine"

"What about the other dolls?"

"I dunno, I think most of them are playing Just Dance upstairs. I know Juliet's with Fran and Dakota's with Lola and Louis, though"

"Hey," Niall takes a bite from a brownie, "who made these? They're delicious!"

"They're disgusting." Harry says.

"I like them..." Niall says, putting the brownie plate on his lap.

While Niall stuffs his face with the Christmas brownies and while Harry and I are in conversation, the doorbell rings. It must finally be Zayn and Elsie.

"I'll get the door" I say, standing up.

"I'll come with you" Harry says, standing up next to me.

"I'll eat" Niall says.

Harry and I walk to the front doors of the house.

I unlock the door and open it. Only Zayn stands before my eyes. No Elsie...

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