The time I met Clockwork

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No ones P.O.V.

It was the first day Toby Erin Rogers became one of Slender Man's proxies. Toby didn't know whether the rest of the proxies would like him.

"Don't worry, Toby. They will welcome you, as any other proxie, into the family." Slender Man said into Toby's mind, like he could do.

He didn't remember a lot about his past life. Back then, he was Toby Erin Rogers. Now, he might as well be known as Ticci Toby.

It was a while before they got to the Slender Mansion, and Toby hesitated when they reached the door to the mansion.

Slender patted his hand on Toby's shoulder before opening the door.


As Slender Man opened the door, I laid my eyes upon many different proxies.

"I'll leave you to introduce yourself." Slender Man said before poofing away.

I looked at one with a white mask that seemed to have... black lipstick on the lips? He... or she... also wore a yellow jacket.

A hooded figure, with two red dots and a red frown as a face, was also wearing a yellow hood, with the hood up.

I saw a figure with white, leathery skin, and a horrid, carved smile, who was arguing with a girl with long black hair, and a white face, with black eyes and black lips.

I saw there was more, but didn't bother to look. One that really stood out was a girl, who had long, brown hair.

She also had only one eye... her left eye was perfect, while the other one replaced by a tiny clock.

She walked over to me and said to me,

"Hi, I'm Clockwork... are you Toby? The new proxie?" She said politely.

"Y-Yes... M-My name is T-Toby
R-Rogers. But I g-guess my name n-now is T-Ticci Toby..." I said nervously, and when I was nervous, I twitched and my neck cracked uncontrollably.

She laughed... wait... 'why was she laughing?!' I thought.

"Why a-are you l-laughing?" I said as she now noticed my serious face.

"I think it's cute when you twitch." she said, blushing and looking at the floor.

I blushed so hard I could be a tomato. -.-

"T-Thanks..." I said quietly.

It was getting late and after an hour of Clockwork showing me around to everyone and showing me where was this or where was that, Slender pulled me from her grasp and let me to a room.

"W-Where are we g-going?" I said as my neck cracked.

"Don't you want to see your new room?" He said as he opened a door into a room, with a twin size bed, a closet, and a bathroom.

I hesitantly walked in, and Slender closed the door behind me to let me settle in. I sat on the bed, and realized how comfortable it was and how tired I am.

I fell back onto the bed and was asleep before the blink of an eye.


I couldn't wait to talk to Ticci Toby in the morning. Honestly, he was kinda... cute. What am I thinking?! I just met the guy yesterday!! And like he would date an amature 16 year old girl... who talks to herself...

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