Truth or Dare.. One Direction Style

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"Oh what the hell?!" Louis whins as the power goes out."Great. It's dead in the winter, we have no heat, light, or hot water."

"Calm down, Louis. I'm sure they'll get it fixed soon, but for now let's all huddle together and share blankets. Come on. Get to it!" Liam said as he clapped his hands at us.You can always count on Daddy Direction to keep the atmosphere light and positive.

We all put on our coziest clothes, turned on a few oil lamps, and got in a circle.

"Here (Y/N), I'll share my blanket with you if you don't mind me being all in your personal space."

You look over to see Zayn smiling at you as he whipped the blanket over your shoulders. You smile at him and say,

"No, not at all!"

He chuckles and says,

"Good!" as he pulls you close. 

Even from the start Zayn has had a special place in your heart. He's like a big brother to you, but at the same time you occasionally feel very attracted to him. 

"Okay guys. I say we play a game." Daddy Direction steps up, once again.

It's so adorable how excited Liam gets in situations like this. He views it as "bonding time".

"What kind of game?" asked Niall.

"Truth or Dare..!" said Harry sounding half enthusiastic but half unsure.

Everyone shrugged their shoulders and agreed to play. Liam got an empty beer bottle from the kitchen and spun it in the circle.

"Alright Niall, truth or dare?" asked Liam.

"Dare." "I dare you to make out with Harry for 10 seconds."

The two looked over at each other and laughed. Niall leaned in and gave Harry a sloppy kiss. The two went at and put on the best show they could. When the 20 seconds were up Niall spun the bottle.

"Lou, truth or dare?"

"I believe I'll go with truth for now."

"If you could have sex every night for a month, but in one position and that one position only, what would it be?"

"oh god.. I'd probably have to say doggystyle, because I have more control, really."

After a few diragatory comments from the boys Louis span the bottle.

"(Y/N), truth or dare??"


You already regret your answer.

A devilish grin slowly grew on Louis' face.

"I dare you to do a striptease for us while you give Zayn a very thorough lap dance."

All the color flushed from Zayn's cheeks as he giggled nervously. You had no choice but to sit Zayn down in a chair and reenact the Pussycat Dolls' music video for Buttons as you stripped down to your solid white Victoria's Secret bra and black cotton thong.

As you grinded as roughly and seductively as you possibly could on Zayn's lap you could feel his member threatning to burst through his pants at any moment.

When you finish all the boys are gawking at you with their jaws dropped. You throw your clothes back on and you and Zayn get cozy again under the blanket.

All the boys kept their eyes locked firmly on you even as you span the bottle.

"What's their deal?" You thought to yourself.