Chapter 47: Beautiful and Deadly

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(Philippe's P.O.V.)

"You know I don't want to kill you. I mean after all you are the Grandfather of my dear Athena." Nico commented. "She will never want you. You just killed her husband. The father of her unborn son." I retort. "Did I?" He asked.
He then pulls out his cellphone and texts something at lightning speed. "My Athena is a beautiful woman in her heart as well as in her looks. Someone like you would never deserve her." I state truthfully. "But someone like Vincenzo would? How is he better then me?" I asked. "If you have to ask that then your as stupid as you look." I laugh. He walks in and punches me in the jaw. "I guess you need more time at the gym then maybe you will have a chance at landing that weak ass want to be haymaker." I tease.

The door opens and in walks Stephens with some men carrying Vincenzo's body. "What you couldn't even be decent enough to leave the body for the mourning family. Just because we are mafia men does not mean we can't be civilized. Your a disgrace." I spat.

"Why would I leave him when this way I can have my fun." He smiles. "Didn't know you were into necrophilia." I say. "He isn't dead old man just unconscious. The bullet was a tranquilizer. I just shot him in the head cause one I dont like him and two your men basically became immobile when their precious leader fell. So why not let them think he is dead. Plus it will help Athena to move past the thought of him." He explained. "Well we will be back. I have some planning and preparing for when Athena comes." He says as they all leave out the door dropping Vincenzo's body as they go.

(Athena's P.O.V.)

It's now 13 hours later and I'm ready. I am currently in the back of an SUV on my way to Nico's mansion after being kidnapped by his men. 'Hahaha everything is going accordingly.' I think to myself as I munch on my family sized bag of chips. Finally we have arrived and as we pull up I am greeted by Stephens. "It's so good to see you Athena. Let me show you to your room." He says. "Do I have a choice?" I ask. He nods no. "Well I'm bring the chips." I state and he smirks as he turns to lead me to the room.

He opens the door and I step in. "This will be your room for now. Nico will be in shortly." He says. He then closes the door so that it is only him, myself,  and one of his men. "Why? Why did you betray us." I ask. "Because I couldn't stand watching you with Vincenzo." He retorts. "So seeing me with Nico is better?" I asked confused. "Yes because I can kill him unlike Vincenzo." He says bluntly as he leave the room. "Stay with her and watch her the boss wouldn't want her hurting herself." Stephens says.

The door shuts and locks when I start to cry and the guard comes close to comfort me. Suddenly I pull a knife from my chip bag and slice his throat. Blood sprays all over me like a shower. He drops to his knees and I stab him in the stomach near the belly button and jerk up. Gutting him. "This is for being in my way sorry not sorry." I say as I continue to jerk higher. I take off the coat I was wearing and make my way to the ensuite where I wash my face and my knife. When finished I strip the dead man of his weapons and keys.

Walking out I run into another guard whom I grab by the neck and stab in the shoulder. "You will show me where my grandfather is and you will do this without being caught or I'll let you meet your death." I say calmly. He nobs and starts walking me through the mansion. I'm about to kill him thinking that he is leading me into a trap when he opens the door and I see my grandfather tied to a chair and my love's body laying on the floor. The vision brings tears to my eyes that I have to choke down. I quickly push the guard in closing the door behind us. "Untie my grandfather now." I command as I walk over to Vincenzo. I kneel pushing him over onto his back.

I hold his face in my palm. "I love you so much. You truly are my other half. Do not worry my love I will avenge you and then I will raise your son to be a  strong man." I say as tears flow down my face. I lean down and kiss him one last time. Pulling away I stand up and walk over to my grandfather where the guard is currently untying his feet. Walking up from behind I grab a fist full of hair and jerk his head back as I plummet the blade of my knife through the back of his neck coming out the front.

"Athena that was..." my grandfather is cut off. "Fucking hot as fuck. Hell yeah." A voice says. I wipe my head around to see Vincenzo standing there looking at me with so much love and lust in his eyes. I drop my hold on the now dead man letting him fall. I run into Vincenzo's arms. Hugging him tightly not letting go. Tears pour down my face uncontrollably.

"How .... how is this possible?" I choke out.  Would you believe true loves kiss." He laughs. I look on in amazement. He laughs some more kissing my forehead. "Stephens and I formed a plan awhile ago. I had him pretend to be a double agent so that we could infiltrate Nico's operation. We knew about this threat long before by simply keeping an eye on Katherine." He explained.

"Your saying none of this was a surprise.....not even the war?" I asked. He shakes his head no. "God it's a good thing I hadn't killed Stephens yet." I say and Vincenzo just laughs. "I'm sorry for worrying everyone but this needed to be done so I could eliminate the threat. I know it must be hard on everyone but it was necessary. However I never knew my beautiful wife would kill a man." He says smirking.

"A man... just a I killed four men so far. The two that stopped us at the border. The one in the room along with this one. Which means we really need to get Stephens and go then." I say.  Vincenzo just wraps his arms around me and kisses me hard. "When we get on the plane I'm fucking you so hard that baby is going to pop right out. Fuck your so damn sexy. Look how hard you got me." He says as he grinds his dick against me. "Put that thing away baby we got people to kill." I say pushing him lightly away.

"Fuck that was the sexiest thing you have ever said my dick salutes you." He laughs.

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