🌟 Introduction

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Hello, and welcome to the 2020 Summer Reading Challenge! The coronavirus may have put an end to your summer vacation plans, but diving into new stories can offer the perfect escape. And where better to find them than on Wattpad! 

What is the Summer Reading Challenge?

We, Leslie Lee LLSanders and Darly @Monrosey, have invited over thirty authors of diverse genres to participate, and we've added their work (both completed and ongoing books) to a public reading list that can be found on our profile pages and in consecutive chapters of this book.

Our intention is to introduce you to a variety of different stories you may not have otherwise found while scrolling through Wattpad. This challenge will not only help these writers find a wider audience, but it will benefit YOU as well. Reading is known to open up new depths of thought and imagination for readers, and it improves our mental health, too. It expands our knowledge and creativity, and is a healthy source of entertainment!

How else do I benefit as a reader?

What good is a summer reading challenge without something to win? That's right—not only will you receive the gift of the written word, but you could win prizes, too! Check out the next chapter called Reading Guidelines for more information. And don't forget to add this book to your library and reading lists so you can receive notifications, including reader shout-outs and additional stories that will be added throughout summer!

Note: this challenge is not in any way affiliated with Wattpad or its staff.

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