Chapter Eleven; Around the Corner

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“I’m so excited! The only thing that could make this better would be to meet Jayy Von Monroe. But I’m still working on finding a body bag.” Emery mused. I raised an eyebrow.

“Did you try Wal-Mart?”


I chuckled and gave him a smile. I rubbed him on the head as we walked through the lonely halls. He had said he would give me a ride home and we were on our way to his car. We made it out to the parking lot before Emery remembers we actually need a book. He palmed his face and turned around.

“I’ll be back; you can wait in the car!” He said tossing me the keys. He turned around and jogged back towards his locker. I looked at my watch. Ehh, no need to rush right?

I leaned against the lockers. His locker isn’t too far; I shouldn’t have to wait long. I tapped a random beat on the ground, smiling to myself. I shouldn’t be this excited to hang out with a guy friend.

I can’t really help it though. He does this to me, it’s his entire fault. If he wasn’t so in your face, and cute, and smart, and funny, and… just so damn interesting… What was I thinking about again?

I sped up my tapping a bit. I stood up and swirled around in a circle, now bored out of my mind. I stopped in mid spin and tapped my chin. Just to stop my boredom, I started to count tiles on the wall.

I got up to about 254 before I heard talking in the opposite direction of me. My heart rate sped up. A wide grin spread across my face. Emery!

I bounced to the corner. The voice was him singing. I smiled just watching him swing the book behind the corner. His lips were puckered slightly, his hair swishing in his face. His eyes twinkled. His soft, velvet voice echoed through the halls. I was about to run around the corner and grab him then, I heard another voice.

“Emery! Em!” The happy little voice called. Emery stopped and turned around. A little freshman boy with platinum blonde hair bounded towards him. He was tinier than Emery, I know, imagine that, with blue eyes that were the color of the sea. He was very pale with a whole porcelain look going on. He was very… cute.

He held up a paper with big eyes and a wide smile looking up to Emery. Emery gave him a smile and pats his head.

“Hey, Cyrus.” Emery said with a grin. I raised an eyebrow. Who names their kid Cyrus?

And he doesn’t have blue hair?

“Whatcha got there, kid?” Emery asked with a sly grin. The kid, Cyrus waggled his brows. He took a step closer to Emery, making my shoulders tense and my heart leap to my throat. He was to close for comfort.

“I got a B- on my Algebra test!” He exclaimed. He held up the paper for proof. He smiled brightly making my chest tighten. “Where’s my reward?” He said quietly. Emery laughed and pats him on the head once more.

“Alright, alright.” He chuckled. The boy giggled and locked his arms around Emery’s neck. My eyes widened further as Emery hung his arms loosely at the boy’s hips. Emery pulled Cyrus’s hips to his as Cyrus pulled my best friend down. Their lips locked. Cyrus moved apart Emery’s lips and Emery let them move in sync. Something bubbled up in my stomach. Anger, jealousy, and confusion are good words to describe it. Why was he kissing that guy? He’s… gay?

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