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Cherry wine was my favorite. It was hard to get, but I absolutely loved the taste, so Sebastian always kept a few bottles in the cellar.

He poured me glass after glass, and before I knew it, I emptied the bottle. I could already feel the buzz settle over my mind and my body grow all cozy inside.

I flipped the bottle over and watched the last few red drops fall into my empty glass.

"Bring another one," I told Sebastian.

"I really doubt that's a good idea-"

"Aah," I put up a finger, "I give the orders here, so bring me another bottle, you, demon."

*cough* Not drunk at all *cough*

He sighed, "as you wish," and returned a minute later with another cherry.

I grabbed it out of his hands and took a few sips right out of the bottle. Sebastian never took his eyes off me.

"Do you want some too?" I poured some of the dark red liquid into the glass and handed it to him before he could answer.

"What? No-" he put up his hands.

"What a party pooper," I pouted.

"Fine, I'll drink, I'll drink," he sat down on the bed beside me and took the glass out of my outstretched hand, "but just so you know, demons don't get affected by alcohol."

He emptied the glass.

"How dull," I said.

"I guess it is, huh. I've always wondered how it feels like," Sebastian confessed with a laugh.

"Well," I began, "it feels very warm inside. And your thoughts get all fuzzy like this," I messed up my hair, knowing it was a flawless representation of the feeling (totally), "and when you walk, everything is like whooooo," I stretched out my arms and waved them through the air like I was catching my balance. "I'm not drunk yet though, I can hold my liquor you know."

I took another long sip of the wine, then noticed how Sebastian was watching me, chin resting on his hand and a smirk spread across his face. Crimson fire danced in his eyes, and he seemed genuinely amused, as if he knew something I didn't.

"What did you dream of today?" He suddenly asked

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"What did you dream of today?" He suddenly asked.

"Today? Uhm... There was a tiger, he was looking for his stripes because he lost them while he was sleeping. And then a professor told him that-"

Sebastian waved his hand through the air, "I wasn't talking about that dream. How about the one with Alexander in it?" He seemed hesitant to pronounce the name out loud.

"Alexander? Uhm, I saw him in a coffin. And his portrait was looking at me." I paused, thinking, "or did that happen yesterday."

Sebastian sat up, he seemed to be impatient about something, "okay, then how about the dream with me in it?" He looked sideways at me.

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