Chapter 46: You think he was bad

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"You don't have to do this." Caleb says. "He's right Athena." Vincent my father-in-law tries to tell me as we walk down to the meeting room. "We will find a way to get your grandfather back." Caleb says. "Yes, and we will avenge my son's death." Vincent rings in. "Oh I know we will because everyone well now follow my plan. You're not going to talk me out of this. So you can either get on board and follow my orders or you can step aside. I don't have time for games." I spat with this anger and me that the boiling to be released.

I walk into the meeting room all of the families have come together some are sitting most are standing. I walk to the empty chair in front. The Commander's chair as I call it. My Vincenzo's chair there he would sit and yell out orders as people admired him and his strength. I walk in front of the chair and I'll stand there for a moment taking a deep breath. "I will make you proud my love. I will avenge you. I will make them pay for taking you away from me and away from our unborn son." I whisper as I look up to the ceiling.

"All right let's begin." I stay in a commanding voice getting everyone's attention. "Thank you all for coming. What happened today and what happened over these past few days is horrible and a travesty to us all but it is not the end. We all came together to stand behind Vincenzo my husband and my grandfather Phillippe." I say.

"I'm now asking you to stand beside me. I'm the granddaughter of Philippe, the daughter of Marcus, and the wife of Vincenzo's. I tell you all this because you're probably wondering why I've asked you all here and it's simple I've chosen to go after the Russian." I explained as I sit down in the chair lean back as if I belong there.

"You see the Russian came here for me we go back a long way. His name is Nico. I knew him as Nicholas. He was my best friend growing up. I may not know the killer he has become but I know the basics of that man. I know his weaknesses and fears." I explained. "Kidnapping my grandfather putting my father in the hospital endangering all of your lives and killing my husband. Now I have no sympathy for him. I know what you think that I'm a weak little girl but remember this I grew up lifestyle." I explain.

"As I look around many of you have taught me valuable things. I basically grown up and taught to become an assassin be all of you in one form or another. Have I ever had to use my skills? No. My father and my grandfather did not want this life for me but that does not mean that I am not capable after all it's the quiet ones that are the most deadly." I continued.

"I've asked some of you to bring what you knew about the Nico and his syndicate to me earlier. I've studied it and it looks as if they actually have a base not far from here. When I say here I mean in Donetsk, Ukraine. However you can only go there through Russia." I explained.

"You see Donetsk is a very dangerous industrial city where outsiders are not welcome. With that said who wants to go?" I asked. "I'm going. I'm personally going to kill the two men and bring my grandfather home." I explained.

"Your pregnant." One of my father's men said. "Right and who would expect a pregnant woman to shoot a man in the head." I explained.

We spend the next two hours going over a very detailed plan. Once finished I have everyone get ready and finish last minute assignments before we board the jets.

"I'm worried about you. Please dont go. Vincenzo wouldn't want you in harm's way let the men take care of it." My mother in law says. "I'm sorry that I cant do. I need this. Vincenzo wouldn't want me there true but let's be honest when have I ever listened to him." I say. "Your not changing my mind so I advise for you to pray for me." I hugged her as I headed out. "Let's get our kill on." I say as we walk to the cars. "Vincenzo would be so proud right now if he heard you." Caleb says. "No Vincenzo would be so horny right now if he heard me." I corrected him. "True." He laughs.

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