Chapter 11 - Bonfires Are Amazing

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We get Harrison's guitar and start walking back toward the bonfire, but I'm still thinking about Heather.

"I think Heather's in love with you," I tell Harrison.

"Don't be stupid; she's got a boyfriend."

"Uhuh, whatever you say, my friend. I can't wait to meet her," I tell him with a laugh.

"I'm dreading it. 'I can see why Harrison likes you' way to go, bro." He cringes.

I'm not surprised by his response to my comment. "Yeah, sorry about that, it just slipped out. I promise to be more careful with what I say to her when we're back in Chicago. Show me that pic again?"

"No, weirdo. You don't need to see her pic," he shakes his head.

"I'm just trying to put a face to a name," I laugh.

He rolls his eyes, pulls out his phone, and shows me a different picture this time. She's as hot as I remembered. In this one, she's sitting on a sofa and laughing at the camera.

"Yup, still hot," I grin at him. "Where was this taken, and just how many pictures do you have of this not-girlfriend of yours?"

"That was taken at my house when she came over for dinner a couple of weeks ago and, I don't know, she's my best friend we have heaps of photos of each other," he shrugs as he says it.

I decide not to push him any further, but my curiosity about seeing them in person together has just about quadrupled during this walk. I also kind of want to see him in a room with Heather's boyfriend, too. Surely, that guy must be unhappy about their friendship, right?

I really liked Heather, she was funny and dammit if she wasn't probably right about Perfect Gabriel. I still don't think I want him in my band, but will any of this shit matter down the track? The thought of working with him, actually working on music with him, is awesome, but I still really don't like him as a person, and I don't want to be stuck in a band with someone I hate...or intensely dislike, I guess.

We've reached the bonfire, and all thoughts of Heather fly out of my head at once as I see Ashley smiling at my return. She looks so sweet, and I rush over to sit down next to her again.

"Welcome back," she says.

"Thanks, Ash," I smile at her.

"You guys took a while," Hayden comments, and I glance over at Harrison, who is getting his guitar out and giving it to one of the instructors.

"Heather called us," I smirk at them.

"The Heather?" he asks me with a grin.

"Yup, that one!"

"Ooh, what's she like?" Samantha asks me.

I remember our conversation and laugh. "She's really funny; they're totally in love with each other, and Harrison got super uncomfortable with me talking to her. She's going to call tomorrow so we can play her our song, so you'll probably get to talk to her, Hayden."

"Very interesting," he says.

Harrison is walking over to us, now, and he asks, "What's interesting?"

"Your friendship with Heather," I tell him with a smirk.

"Your obsession with my friendship with Heather is pretty interesting, too," he says in a dry tone as he takes a seat on the log.

"What can I say? I love a good love story," I tell him with a laugh.

"We're not in love!" Hayden rolls his eyes.

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