Smile, Your Beautiful :) [Chapter 6]

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The next morning I woke up and walked downstairs. The smell of chocolate chip pancakes wafted through the house. I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table.

"Morning Sunshine." My dad said glancing up from his newspaper. "How was the date?"

I smiled at him. "It was okay. Nothing serious."

"So no kiss goodnight?" My mom asked flipping the next pancake over on the pan.

"Nope. It was strictly no first date kissing."

She flopped a pancake down onto my plate and smiled her lovely smile at me.

My mom was a very pretty woman. She had long brown hair that was wavy in a nice way. She was 5'6 and had a natural tan. She had perfect white teeth that would make any dentist jealous.

I always wished I would have looked like my mom. She had a glow about her and I didn't. I wasn't pretty and she was gorgeous. What a messed up universe.

I looked over at my father. Even he was good looking. He was 6'3 not fat but also not muscular. Just right if you asked me. He has dark brown hair. He didn't have the nice glowing tan like my mom but he wasn't pale either. He also had perfect straight white teeth. Just not as white as my moms.

I cut up my pancake and began to eat it. I sighed to myself... I really wish I got their good looks.

After I was done, I went down to the bowling alley where I work at on weekends.

I walked inside to see the place packed with all kinds of people. I pushed my way through the crowd of people. I never understood why everyone liked bowling so much. Maybe it was just because I sucked at it. Either ways it wasn't like it was a great sport or anything.

I walked into the back room to see my boss arguing with Nick the new kid to the job. I really didn't know him all that well since he started only a week ago. I have only worked with once. The most conversation I had with the guy was telling him how to run the place.

Nick Summers had dirty blond hair that wasn't long but not short either. He was very good looking. He had a muscular build to him and perfect red pouty lips. He was every girl's dream guy. I still couldn't figure out why he was single.... maybe hes gay?

"Joe.. What did he do now?" I asked laughing a little at my boss's rage.

"He put the pins in the wrong places!"

"Joe.." I said shaking my head. "Is that even possible?"

"YESSS! I number them for you guys to put them correctly!"

"But that doesn't mean if we don't put them correctly they wont fall over."

I glanced at Nick to see him watching me with curious eyes. He was very quiet through out Joe and I's talk.

I looked back over at Joe to see him trying to come up with something to say back to me.

"I'm right and you know it." I said smiling at him.

"Thanks Mia... I don't know what I was thinking. If it wasn't for you I would have fired him over something really stupid."

"Your welcome."

"Well.. Its just you two tonight. Please, Mia keep everything in order."

"Will do boss!" I said saluting him.

He walked out the door and left Nick and I behind.

I turned around and looked at Nick. He was still staring at me. I raised my eyebrow at him and walked away. I sat at the stool behind the bar type thing with all the shoes behind me, waiting for someone to ask me for a pair. A couple of minutes later Nick sat down next to me on the other stool. He kept staring at me.

"What?" I asked "Do I have something on my face?

I started wiping at my face. He started to laugh and I smiled.

"Seriously what?"

"I just never really noticed you before. I mean... I've meet you, talked to you... but never noticed."

I stuck out my hand to his and he looked down at it.

"Mia Merchant."

He took my hand and smiled

"Nick Summers."

"Nice to finally notice you, Nick Summers." I said shaking his hand.

"Nice to finally notice you also, Mia Merchant."

We kept smiling at each other like fools and I didn't even notice someone ringing the bell.

"Yes?" I said turning around and coming face to face with Adam.

He looked angry..... no.... jealous? He blue eyes sparkled and I was confused at what to say. I remembered my plan and kicked it into gear, forgetting all about Nick.

"How may I help you?" I asked smiling at him.

I watched as he shook the anger/jealousy off his face.

"I need shoes, Mia" He said putting emphasis on my name and shooting a glare over at nick.

"What size?" I said touching his hand.

"Size 13."

Nick got up and grabbed the ugly green shoes and handing them to him. Well...handing him wouldn't exactly be the word... more like shoving them to him. Adam grasped the shoes and stormed off.

Nick said down and looked very pleased with himself. He mumbled under his breath. I couldn't quite make out what he said.... but it was something along the lines of Jerk. Why he couldn't say it out loud beats me. Nick sat back down and stared straight ahead.

"So Whats your deal?" I asked turning in my stool to look at him.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know. Just tell me something about you."

"My name is Nick Summers. I'm 18. I only have a mom. My father ran out on us when I was only 6. I play football and don't do any drugs."

I looked down at my hands.

"Sorry to hear about your dad."

"That was a long time ago." He started to laugh a little "Its funny how that all you got out of that."

I smiled at him.

"Sorry... I didn't realize I did that."

"Its okay. Everyone does it."

I spent the rest of the time talking to Nick and giving people ugly shoes. At the end of the night Nick and I closed up the bowling alley. He walked me out to my car and I went smiling all the way.

"I never really liked football until I seen a Steele game in person. It was like my whole life changed."

"That's great. I like watching football." I said opening up my car door. " So... see you later?"


I started to get in my car but he stopped me.

"Today was amazing." He said "And you are extraordinary and beautiful."

I'm beautiful.... okay what was Nick on?

"Thanks." I said slowly trying to process all of this at once.

"Your welcome..." He said putting his head down trying to hide a blush.

I picked up his chin and looked him dead in the eyes... well we weren't exactly eye level but you get me.

"I seriously mean Thanks. I have never had such a compliment."

He smiled down at me.

"Than I seriously mean your welcome."

I climbed into my car and before I shut the door I said goodbye.

I drove away leaving a staring Nick Summers.



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i dont know men size shoes.... is 13 normal? rotfl.

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