Elementals- Ch. 1

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Ch. 1

I stepped out into the warm summer air. I felt my bare feet brush up against the newly cut grass. Slowly I wavered before setting one small foot down feeling the earth squish beneath me. Crickets hummed creating delightful tune. I felt the urge to escape the gates holding me back from civilization. I ran around having the small breeze blow up my dress as I swirled around the garden. The summer sun reflected down on me now that I was no longer hiding under a frilly umbrella. I was picked up and swung around in circles by father. I let out giddy squeals of joy as we twirled. He erupted in laughter behind me.

"This child is happiness." He whispered. Then the strong arms holding me disappeared. He had vanished onto the throne. A sigh escaped my mouth as I looked about.

  Not a single place was left untouched by my dainty fingers. My little hands overpowered by my curious cranium.

"Get me a chair. A paper and pen too." I called out to the servants. Quickly they came with my requests. Soon I was jotting down little things I could see, touch, smell, or hear. It was all fascinating.

Then I wrote the letter. It was to whoever was out there past the forbidden gates. To come a save me from all the horrors of my fancy life. Maybe come and take me away so I didn't have inherit the throne, but that was lost the day they locked me up from the light. I was never allowed to walk out there again.

My parents took away the one thing I loved. Even if I never had it, only the idea of freedom.


I sat quietly on my bed wondering if there was a letter ten years old waiting for me. I wondered if it was old and tattered. All wrinkled and smeared, or if it was replaced everyday as I remembered.

A small box sat in my lap. Inside were small messages starting to fade. Each one scrawled in the same old writing barely stating a few words. Taped inside on the lid was my favorite. Which ironically was he longest one. It was the last one.

"Dear Lyra,

Your message was interesting. Who we are I can not say. Only shall I tell you to be warned for tonight, and for some years later. Changes are in the air filling it with excitement.

  Sincerely, E"

All I wanted to ask now was how would this person  would know that I would be locked here like my room was a dungeon cell. I didn't believe that it was some fairytales of a creation anymore. That was childish. Only that that human was still out there.

  I wondered what their touch would feel like. How they thought things were. If I would truly like them. If they knew who was writing. If they were big or tall. Mainly though who were they?

I had written down all the silly questions I had thought of one by one. Collected as memories in a journal of lost things. Slowly I wrote down little songs or stories in another. I had filled hundreds with all the little things my mind could conjure up.

Almost everyone was running away to freedom. Except me and my parents, the servants, and the wise ones. This person would lead me away.


"Miss Brooks. It's time for your studies. Wake up."  The maid sighed snaking the rattling bracelets up her arm and turned to grab the covers.

"Umpf!" I tumbled out onto the floor. A face plant onto the cold, hard, glassy, uncomfortable, unwelcoming marble. There was no point though to. I would be freed tonight from this chamber. Tonight I would be climbing down rung by rung on the ladder that took my years to acquire.


I climbed down on the rickety ladder. Not from the tallest tower at least. I was deathly afraid of heights. The wind blew past making me miss him even more. Finally my toes reached the ground. I turned around and went into a daze. Lights were sparkling. Little fireflies flew about in the air glowing a deep, golden yellow. Small silver slips of fragments of something danced about in the breeze. It was silver. One landed on my tongue and I could help but sigh in satisfaction. It tasted sweet like pineapple, but bitter the longer I lasted. I looked about. The garden was glowing with excitement. I glancedover everything and saw everything as I remembered. Tall weeping willow trees were scattered all over the flower beds. They blocked the rows from continuing on. An assortment of flowers were laid out. Babies Breath, and Queen Aunt's Lace were the only white. The rest were a deep navy blue, and light blue such as Blue Bells, Irises, and dyed thorny Roses.  Tall pines bordered the entrance behind gates far, far, far away. The lawn was neatly cut; cropped just above an inch. Above the moon rose high glowing through the thine clouds. It smelled of mints, and sweet peppermint. Wafted through the air was a slightly citrus smell. My bare feet against the ground crunched along the stone covered path. Sharp thorns stuck out catching on my short navy blue stripped white dress. The coat of arms sewn in gold in the top left corner. Just a centimeter or two away from the edge. My silver flats bounced in my hands as I ran carrying a small backpack on my back. It was filled with the essentials, and also my never ending bank account information and credit card. I smiled to myself thinking they wouldn't be able to cut it off. This was my own secret account filled with more than my parents owned.

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