chapter 2~ tears

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Its been around a month since zalfie posted there we are together vidio and about a month iv been curled up in a ball crying and dying on the inside.....

I cheak my phone every now and then but lock it again because I dont see the point.

37 miss calls
49 unread messages

I was ignoring everyone. No one knew why but I did.

No one had been around my apartment latley. I heard knocking a few days ago but no one came in. I guess no one knows were I am.

Ring ring

Oh what the hell ill anwser this one phonecall.

Marcus: h...helo

Alfie: Omg marcus are you ok mate no one has seen you in a month dude were are you?

Oh crap it had to be alfie. I could not hold it together. Not even for 5 minits.

Marcus: im at h...home

Alfie: omg marcus why are you crying bro? Stay there im on my way.

Hangs up

Oh shit now what......

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