chapter 1~ vidio

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Even though I wrote this a while I am aware of the spelling mistakes ect that happen through out this story. Disclaimer I am very dyslexic and it doesn't help I wrote this almost 2 years ago. I aprisiate all the reads, votes and feedback still to this day. However the spelling will be terrible and will improve in other fanfics... I hope***********

Marcus pov

I was sat on my bed scroling through youtube feed when I noticed Alfie had posted a new vid.

Without a second thourght I clicked on the cheeky brits new vidio.

Alfie: helo its alfie and today im here with....

Zoe: meeeeee

Alfie: today me and zoe are gona talk to you guys bout something important.

Zoe: verry important

Alfie: so for about 2 months now me and zoe have been......well dating and we figured its time to tell you guys!

Zoe: yep zalfies real guys.

My heart shatterd into a million pieces. Why oh why? Zoe could get anyone in the world and she got Alfie.

I refused to wach the last 5 minits of the vidio. I just couldn't do it.

Without warning tears started to escape my eyes. Fast, very fast.

I curled up in a ball and pulled my knees to my cheast. I knew my life was over.

Incase you didnt get the point I Marcus Butler am in love with my now taken best friend Alfie Deyes...

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