(Jorgan_t) damn those stupid hot babies

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OK. Deep in a sub-basement under The Tower - the building where all the Daddys work and all the new shows and all the new brands get approved and supported - in a long hallway lined on both sides with glass-screened operating rooms, Jorgan_t is quietly internally freaking out.

He stands in front of one particular operating room (actually they're called the Changing Rooms down here) that appears empty except for a stainless steel table in the center of the room, and some complicated machinery lining the back wall. He swipes something on his screen and pauses. His eyes scan the room, looking for a sign of movement, a sign of something, anything.

"Fuuuuuuuck," he says.

He swipes something, swipes something else.

"Fuuuuuck fuck fuck fuck fuck."

"Jorgan, everything OK?" Daddys asks. Jorgan_t jumps, almost dropping his screen.

Daddy peers past Jorgan_t into the empty room. "Wait this room's not empty is it? I can never tell which ones are the empty ones. What's going on? What's wrong?"

Jorgan_t's brain races to compose a normal response. "What? No. Everything's fine. I'm just running some diagnostics, but everything's totally fine!" He's not selling it. Why is his voice so completely not normal.

Daddy looks him over cooly. "You seem. Off. Share what's going on. I need to know, Jorgan, if something's wrong with the-"

Jorgan_t laughs, looking back at the empty room. "Oh THAT? Ha ha no no that's fine. I was just upset about, um, OK it's a little embarrassing." He holds his screen out to Daddy, showing a picture of YenniferGrace and SummerHyde.

Daddy shakes his head slowly. "God damn those stupid hot babies."

"Yeah, there's talk that Wolfstain has been spending time with SummerHyde and it's maybe going to break them up."

Daddy leans in, lowering his voice. "Their Daddy fucking sucks. You know I pitched that idea like 5 seasons ago. Things are getting messy up there. Cutthroat."

"You're under a lot of pressure," Jorgan_t offers.

"I. Pressure doesn't even begin to. I feel like they are this close to just leaving us all here. Locking us in." Daddy motions to the Changing Rooms. "If this doesn't work-"

Jorgan_t waves it away. "This is totally going to work."

"Because like - if it doesn't, I don't know. I don't even know."

"This is going to work." Jorgan_t repeats. He's super cool now, back into sell mode. "You've got so much to worry about, don't worry about this too. This is all set. This is what I worry about. You just need to make sure the other pieces-"

"Qynka? Qynka is on schedule. It's all going to happen very fast. The fandoms are freaking out. The whole thing is about to go nuclear." The word hangs there between them for a moment. "Poor word choice but you get it. No offense."

Jorgan_t waves it away.

"This whole fucking city is going to be eating out of our hands. I mean the world. The Panel?" Daddy makes a face that could mean forget them, or maybe they won't know what hit them. "Everything. I mean. People are obsessed. We're almost there. That's why this-"

"That's why this is under control."

"We're good?"

"No. We're not good," Jorgan_t says. "We're amazing."

"Because I'm counting on you."

"We're counting on each other."

"The whole thing," Daddy says, gesturing vaguely in a way that means the city.

"No that's what I'm saying. Desiring something is the first step in making it your reality."


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"Right. Sure. So I'm going to [gestures vaguely down the hall], and you're [gestures vaguely towards the changing room].

"I'm [gestures vaguely towards the changing room]."

"OK. Good. OK. Good." Daddy nods. He pauses. Nods again. Then leaves.

Jorgan_t watches Daddy walk away, making sure he actually leaves, that he doesn't turn around and come back or wave or look suspiciously back or anything. Daddy does none of those things.

Jorgan_t turns back to the empty changing room. He swipes something and the lights inside the room turn off and on again.

The label in the corner of the glass says LAMANTINE.

Jorgan swipes something. He whispers: "Please please please please."

Nothing happens. Jorgan_t sighs, leans his head forward, pressing it to the glass. "Where the fuck are you," he says, in a voice below a whisper.


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