free day

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               Ricky's P.O.V


Then a girl got up from my bed AMD looked at me with a puzzled face

"Sorry, I got scared and I asked u to snuggle"

"O well r u okay."

"I think."

She looked at me into my eyes and walked or the door.

                 Maria's P.O.V

"Yay" I screamed as I was walking from Ricky's room.

"Y the hell u" screaming Sam said

"I'm free today. That meanbeach time and long boarding"

"Can I join"

"Nope, its a day by myself"

He gave me a sad face but I just walked away and went into my room


I went to my closet and picked out a crop top that has two Dino's looking at each other with a heart, a pair of light washed high waisted shorts, my red vans, and my I love haters snap back.I applied my usual make up and went down stairs.

I told ev1 to leave me alone today and I went put the door. I grabbed my longboard and rode it to the beach.

In bout five minutes of riding I arrived at the beach. I walked on the edge of the shoelre line.

I wasnt looking where I was walking and ran into a boy I've never seen before.

"Omg im so so sorry"

"Its okay km the one who should be let me but u am ice cream"

I nodded my head and we went to the ice cream shop. I got a mint chocolate Chip, and the boy got butter pecan

"So what's ur name?"

"My name is Jake, what's ur name beautiful?"

"My name is maria"

We sat in a booth and just stared into each other eyes. We sat there for about an hour until I ruined the moment

"I should prob get going"

"Aww at least let me ride with u"


We got up and rode r lomgboards to the o2l house.

"Damm u got a nice house"

"Ikr. U wanna come in"


I opened the door and all the guys were sitting in the living to with worried faces.

"Where were u"-jc

"I told u guys I was gonna go to the beach"

"Who the hell is that"-Trevor

"My new friend Jake"

"Okay well ur friend has to go be a use we gotta talk to u"-kian

"I'm gonna go bye"-Jake.

He gave me a hug and walked out.

"U can't bring friends here"-sam "I'm sorry"

"Its okay,just don't let it happen again"-Ricky

"Well I'm gonna go take a nap bye"

I walked up stairs and jumped onto the bed causing me to bounce up and down, and fell asleep

~~~~~~~~~after nap~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up and walked over to my bathroom. I don't know y but my wrist was aching for cuts so I grabbed my razor and cut.

I cleaned up my wrist. There was 36 cuts on both my wrist. I put on my Lil mermaid sweater form hot topic and walked down stairs.

"Hey guys"

"Hey, y r u wearing a jacket? Its hot as balls outside."-ricky

"Cause I can. Gosh y u all up in my business"

"I'm jw damn"-Ricky

Then he motioned me over to him

"U know u cut. That's y ur hiding ur wrist"-Ricky

"Don't tell anyone okay?"

"I won't just promise me u will stop"-ricky

"Nahh I'm good. I don't make promises I can't keep. Then I walked away before he could say anything

My night was awesome because I didn't have to fuck anyone and I got to eat ice cream, watch spoinge Bob, and sleep.

I fell asleep on the couch and it was amazing.

Omg hi guys thanks so much for everything. U guys r amazing. I am such a sucky writer tho. I love u guys so much. Thanks for 192 reads. Yay. Alright not I gotta go update my other story. Bye luvies
Xoxo maddi

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