How To Fix A Broken Heart {Stony}

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Okay so this will be a Stony chapter. Enjoy!
Steve's POV:

I waltzed into Avengers Mansion with a big smile, I just got home from a solo mission. 

"Welcome home Steve!" I heard Natasha yell from the kitchen. 

"Thanks!" I said as I popped my head into the kitchen. It looked like she was making chicken. 

"Natasha, by any chance, would you know where Tony is?" I asked.

She shook her head, "No clue, sorry. Maybe Clint knows?" 

"Alright, thanks Nat!" I thanked her as I walked away. I'm guessing Clint is in the living room.

When I got to the living room, I saw Clint playing on some sort of device. What do they call it again? Oh yeah, an iPhone. Clint was playing on his iPhone. 

I tapped his shoulder, "Do you know where Tony is? I've been looking for him," 

 "You're rather happy today Steve, and yeah, Tony's in his lab working on new armor. I know this because he likes to test his machines on me," He smirked, not looking up from his phone. 

"Thanks," I replied.

 "Yeah no problem. Anytime Steve." 

 When I finally reached the elevator I asked J.A.R.V.I.S. To take me to Tony's lab. 

"Of course sir Rodgers" the A.I. replied. Then I felt the elevator drop downwards, along with my stomach I might add.

"Baby?" I asked looking around the lab to find where Tony was hiding. 

I heard grunting in the other room. I opened the door slowly so that the people inside might not notice me. I saw Loki pinned up against a wall roughly kissing another man. It took me a moment to realize that the man he was kissing was my boyfriend, Tony Stark. 

My heart sank. Loki soon noticed me and squirmed away from Tony's grip on him and he pointed over at me. Tony morphed his lips into a pout, the one like he used to give me.

 Tony realized that I was standing there and his face paled. 

My eyes welled up with tears, my thoughts suddenly began racing, and I couldn't see clearly."Tony how could you?" I whispered.

 I just started running, the flowing tears blocking my vision. Soon enough I reached the living room where Clint was. I sat down and started sobbing.

Automatically he put down his phone and bombarded me with questions. "What's wrong?" CLint asked multiple times.

I hiccuped, "Tony-he-he," I choked up again."Tony cheated on me Clint!" I sobbed even harder this time.

 It has just begun to sink in. 

"Whoa, whoa, hold on a second, what?" Clint said with wide eyes. 

I wiped at my eyes. "I went to the lab where you told me he'd be. I went and he - he was -" I just couldn't continue. 

"He was what Steve?" Clint asked, even more worried than before. 

"Tony was snogging Loki!" I screamed. 

Natasha came in because she heard the ruckus. "Steve?" she said as she sat down on the other side of me.

Clint got up and beckoned her to follow. All I could hear where a few whispers and gasps. I also saw Natasha look over at me, a a look of pity in her eyes. 

They both came over to me and sat down on each side of me. " Want us to talk to him?" Clint asked.

"No I - I need to talk to him myself, thanks guys,"I said shakily, standing up.

 "We will be here if you need us Steve," Natasha said very soothingly. I nodded as I walked towards the elevators once again.

I found Tony sitting about 5 feet from the door, 3 empty bottles of beer where next to him and one half full bottle was in his hand.

Tony has always had a drinking problem. He thinks he can just drink his problems away.

 He looked up at me with those beautiful chocolate brown eyes of his. 

" Baby I'm so sorry," Tony started saying, his eyes were glassy as he continued. " I don't know what got into me! Loki he -" I cut him off. 

"Tony I don't want to know why you were kissing that - that thing. All I need to know is if you really love me or not," 

"I do," Tony said. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me Steve. I screw everything up. My father always told me that I was a mistake. For once he was right," He took another swig of beer. "I love you Steve and I am so, so, sorry."

I sighed, "You are nothing like Howard. Howard is not nearly as handsome as you and he doesn't even have half of the kindness and amazing personality that you do Tony. I love you too, but today - today you broke my heart." I looked at him as soon as I finished speaking. 

"I wouldn't blame you if you never forgave me Steve, but I swear on my life, I will never do that again. But Steve you have to promise me something, " 

"Okay." I replied. 

"I need you to promise me that if I ever do that again, you will kick me out of your life and never look back."

I looked at him, astounded, as he finished his beer bottle and threw it across the lab where it shattered to pieces against the wall. 

"Alright," I responded slowly. "I don't ever want to leave you, so don't ever do that again," 

" I won't." Tony sighed as he laid his head down on my lap. 

"Steve I want to repair your broken heart," Tony said as he ran circles over the back of my hand. My fingers were intertwined with his. 

 "It takes time to mend a broken heart," I said while running the other hand through his hair. "What you just did, though, that just started the process,"

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