Part 27 ; Almost

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"I really wonder about that now"

Taehyung's Pov ;

I don't know why I felt uneasy when I saw Jimin's strange behavior towards Y/n. What was Jimin trying to do and plan on Y/n? And I'm sure Jimin put something in the drink that Y/n drank. "I think I should follow Jimin's car. I worry if Jimin will do something bad to Y/n later"

I rushed to follow Jimin from behind without his knowledge after paying for my drink at the counter but I felt very uncomfortable seeing Jimin behave rather strangely. "What is he trying to do now?" I whispered to myself as I hid behind the wall to spy on Jimin's actions.

"Have you provided everything I wanted in Gangnam?" Jimin told his assistant after putting Y/n in his luxury car. I was shocked to hear Jimin's conversation between an unidentified man.

At Gangnam? I wonder why Jimin took Y/n to Gangnam? I started to slowly step back to the car park. "I have to save Y/n from Jimin."

Jimin's Apartment, Gangnam

Jimin had just opened a few buttons of his shirt after laying Y/n on a king-sized bed but he heard something strange outside his bedroom. "What's going on now?" Said Jimin before he took a few steps to get out of his bedroom. "Mr.Oh, wh-?"

Jimin was a bit shocked when he saw blood on the floor of his luxury apartments. "Mr. Oh, Mr.Lee!! What's going on now!!" Jimin screamed at some of his assistants but no one answered. "Who did this?" Jimin whispered to himself as he slowly pulled his gun out of his pants pocket.

Jimin took a few steps to the living room with caution while Jimin pointed his gun. "Show yourself now! Who are you!!" Said Jimin as he looked around. "Show yourself now!!!"

Blood spills everywhere in Jimin's fancy apartment. "Who did all this?" when Jimin tried to look back but he felt something hit his head from behind. "I did all this, Ceo Park." Taehyung said after hitting Jimin's head from behind until he fainted.

Taehyung hurried to find where Y/n was. "Y/n, Y/n! Where are you!! Y/N!!" Taehyung is still searching to find out where Yuna is as he feels worries about her. "Y/n, where are y-?" Taehyung gasped after he opened the door to a spacious bedroom. Did Jimin trying to rape Y/n in her weakened state?

"Y/n, wake up. Are you okay, princess?" Taehyung said as he worried about Y/n. "Y/n, what happened to you now" Taehyung held both of Y/n's cheeks before he lifted Y/n's body to take her home.

Skip Time, Taehyung's House


I have given the medicine to the patient and she will be aware soon, Ceo Kim. Said the personal doctor to Taehyung. "But can I discuss something with you again, Ceo Kim?" The personal doctor's question made Hoseok and Taehyung uncomfortable and began to worry about the news that would be reported to Taehyung.

"What did you want to discuss with me, Doctor Han?" Ask Taehyung to the personal Doctor as he really worried about Y/n now. "When I checked the patient's condition, I found out that the patient had been pregnant for 2 months."

Taehyung and Hoseok were very shocked until they got up from their seats. "What?!!!" The situation around the house felt like it was shattered after hearing what the personal doctor told Taehyung.

"I think you were mistaken, doctor. No, impossible that Y/n is pregnant right now." Taehyung said in disbelief at what the personal doctor said to him. "But that was the decision that came out after I examined the patient, Ceo Kim."

Taehyung sat back in his chair as he massaged his forehead. "Tae, do you know who is the father of Y/n's baby?" Ask Hoseok to Taehyung. "I'm not sure who the father of the baby is, but I can feel that the baby's father is Jungkook or Jimin."

"So what are you going to do with the baby if Jungkook or Jimin is the baby's father?" Ask Hoseok to Taehyung again. "My marriage with Y/n will be dated by both sides of our family. I don't care who the baby's father is. I will make the baby my own." He won't let anyone take Y/n or the baby away from him forever.

"You mean, you want to make the baby to Kim's family? But why? What are you planning to do now?!" Said Hoseok as he started to worried about what Taehyung tried to plan now. "We don't know whether the baby in Y/n's womb is the heir of Jeon's Family or Park's Family. They are very influential people. Are you crazy, Taehyung?!"

"But I'm sure the baby has the blood of Park's family and Jeon's family" Taehyung told Hoseok confidently. "Don't tell me you want to make the baby a ransom to destroy Jimin and Jungkook." Said Hoseok to Taehyung.

"If the baby can be used as a ransom to destroy Jungkook and Jimin so why can't I do it? This is a golden opportunity."

To Be Continued...

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