I woke up to the smell of bacon and Pancakes. I turned my head slowly looking at my clock by my bed. 10:45. I slept in that late!?! I grabbed a runawayguys shirt, black skinny jeans and fluffy socks.

* after she's done changing.*

I crept out quietly, afraid i would wake up anyone who was asleep, it was either going to be Jon or Tim still asleep, My bets on Jon. Man was I wrong everyone but Emile was up and that's saying something.
"Hey Lindsey um bad news your dad is sick so he won't be able to take you to school on Monday. But amazing news to me is that I'll be staying here to help around the house and explain to the viewers why Emile isn't uploading. I'll also be taking you to school" Jon told me as he finish cooking up the bacon. I grabbed a two plates, One for me and one for Dad and put them on a tray.
"I'm gonna go eat with dad, don't worry I won't making any contact with him unless I have permission from you." I told Jon with Sarcasm dripping off the last part.
He just laughed and started cooking more food for everyone.

*Knocks on Emile's door like in frozen*
"Knock knock knock knock, Do you wanna eat some bacon? It is really crunchy, I hope you eat it all because if you don't I'll eat the rest. It get a little crazy, with Jon and Tim, but it more fun with you! Do you wanna eat some bacon? You don't have to eat it all? I'm coming in." I sang in the tune from frozen, Pushing my way through the door to find Emile Chuckling softly to my song.
"Wow Lindsey you have a *cough cough* really pretty voice. Why don't you sing on your channel when you make one?" Emile asked me his voice really scratchy.
I shrugged my shoulders and placed the tray on his lap, grabbing my plate and sitting on his floor. Kirby decided while I was talking to dad to steal a piece of my bacon so I tackled Jon to get me more. By the time I got back my plate was empty and Dad was stuffing his face with my food. I will get him back when he gets healthy. After we finished I left the room to let him sleep and I started up his recording software. I decided I would upload a video for Dad Explaining everything about me and why he isn't uploading.


Sup guys! I'm wide awake and I can't sleep so I'm updating ! Anyways hope you guys have a good New Years and I got PikMin 3 For the wii u WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Now I'm gonna go read some fairytail fan fictions that involve BoyXBoy
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