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Tay's POV
I wake up with excitement for what the day will bring there's only two outcomes I do bad I don't get in and if I do good then I'm in. Jesus Christ I'm getting anxious thinking about how well this might or might not go. I probably need some food in my system. Yea that's it, I get dressed and head downstairs to make myself some breakfast. Just to be sure I called mike again to see if we were still on for today and what time I should swing by the where the auditions are being held. I dial the number I had saved, it rings and mike picks up " hey it's tay I was wondering when I should stop by or whatever time it's comfortable for me to come around" "hey tay um about in a half an hour should be good." "great! I'll be there soon bye" i hang up and finish my breakfast, well since I'm already ready why not watch something to kill time? After watching an episode of Buffy the vampire slayer i checked my watch and it was time for me to go. I grab my car keys from the key holder and I go up to my car. I pull out of the drive way and drive up to his place. Soon enough I'm at the address and I head out my car and step up to the front porch and knock. When they open the door I see a guy in his early 20's, he is wearing glasses and has a semi mustache and a semi beard he reaches hand hand out for me to shake and says "hey you must be tay?" I give him a smile and reply back "yea that'd be me" He smiles back and says "yea we're holding the auditions in my basement, if that's alright with you?" I give him another smile and tell him that's it's not problem. I follow him down to the basement and I see two more dudes one has a sort of quaffed black hair and the other has his hair dyed, a streak of blond on part of his hair. Almost like a skunk. Mike introduces them to me "well tay here's the rest of the band me, mike. I play bass and him over there", he pointed to the one with the semi quaffed hair "is Cameron" he plays lead guitar and him over there is "rob" he pointed to the guy with the blond streak on his hair, he plays the drums. They both wave at me and then mike turns to them "guys this is tay she's auditioning for the lead singer" "anyways" mike continues "now that we have introductions our do the way shall we begin?" I smile  and nod but underneath I'm a big puddle of anxiety "well thanks um where do I start or how do we start?" Cameron says "okay so you stand next to the microphone and work your magic while the rest of us will sit on the couch and judge you, kinda like those tv shows like American idol except we are less harsh.Anyways good luck" I look at them nervously "alright well, I never did one of these things so I'm not experienced but I'll give it all of got!" I stand next to the microphone and I start to sing iris by the goo goo dolls accapella style. After I I sang the last line of the song I give them an uneasy look and they are whispering amongst themselves and mike speaks up "we'll let your know tay if your in" I give them a thanks and give my goodbyes and head for the door mike stands up "let me walk you" we walk upstairs he opens the door and just as mike opens the door a guy has his fist up like he's about to knock and behind him was a girl. I notice the guys appearance he is wearing a grey shirt and a SnapBack to at least make himself decent looking while his hair underneath looks like bed hair, I have to admit it makes him look cute, and the mixture of his green grey eyes made him look like a god. I smile at him and he returns the smile I walk out the door and head to my car but I can't help to look back at him, but as I look back he was already inside. I open my car door and turn on the engine. I back out the drive way and drive off. I have a huge grin on my face. I wonder if I'll ever see him again.

Jordan's POV
I woke up and went down stairs to have breakfast and get ready for what the day had to offer. After finishing my breakfast Jessica comes down stairs and greets me with a kiss "hey babe" I smile at her "hey how'd you sleep?" She takes out the mug from the cupboard and starts brewing that coffee on the keurig coffee machine. "I slept well, thanks. What about you?" I sip my coffee and tell her "well I slept like a baby, Im just excited for today" She looks at me and smiles "I bet you are!" After that we ate in silence. I took the time to pull my phone out and call mike to see what tine we wanted us to be there. He answers the phone and tells me that we should be there in an hour. I tell him we'll see him soon and hang up. I tell Jessica to get ready and I head up stairs to get dressed, once I'm done I head downstairs and turn on the tv. Nothing good comes on so I turn it off and just get on Twitter. As soon as I look at the time, it was time for us to get on the road.  "Jessica!!" I yell. "Hurry we're going to be late? How long does it take to get ready?" I hear footsteps and they come to a halt I look up at her and she's pouting at me "but jor I'm not ready yet" i sigh it's always the same shit with her I told her about this an hour ago and yet she still not ready.. I roll my eyes "Jessica I told you an hour ago so you had plenty of time to get ready. Why aren't you ready now?" She gives me an annoyed look  "well I have to make a first good impression no?" This fine it's my turn to give her an annoyed look "Jess seriously? They are going to like you either way it's not about you wear that they are going to judge but your signing" She gives me a pensive look "alright well then let me change into something comfortable be right back" She runs up stairs and I groan "ugh girls." She then runs down and grabs her bag "alright I'm ready." "About time" is said. We head outside to the car and I drive. I put the address in the GPS soon enough we're at the place. We get out the car and head to the front porch. I noticed there was 4 cars in the drive way. "is there many people auditioning?" Jessica shrugs and we get out the car. We head to the front porch. I put my hand up about to knock when the door swings open and on the other side is a girl and a guy.  I notice the girl first, a brunette that has her hairs down and straightened, her tips dyed a faded blond at the bottom. She has this nose piercing on her cute buttoned nose. She's wearing a black and red checkered flannel and underneath a white tank top with some ripped skinny jeans. She smiles at me and I smile back .. woah she is breath taking. She exists the house and takes her leave. I look over to mike and shake his hand "hi I'm Jordan nice to meet you and this right here is my girlfriend Jessica" Jessica comes from behind me and says hi. Mike smiles back "hello and likewise it's nice to put the name to a face, please do come in. the auditions are being held downstairs in my basement hope you don't mind" not as all man" I reply back. Jessica follows behind me inside the house uneasy. We head downstairs, waiting below us we're two other guys. Mike introduces us to them and they are the rest of the band and we say our hellos . They told me to begin whenever I was ready I strum the guitar to see if it's tuned right. Once I'm ready I play the intro to  "damnit" by blink -182. After I finish it's Jessica's turn to audition she starts to sing iris" by the goo goo dolls. After she sings the last line the group is huddled up whispering amongst themselves then mike speaks up "we will let you know, thanks for coming guys" Mike stands up and offers to walk us out we head back upstairs and I thank him for the opportunity. He nods and tell us it was not problem we head to the car and Jessica is the first to speak "do you think we did good?" I give her a reassuring smile "I think we did great babe" she turns to me "so why were you checking out that girl before we went inside the house?" I scoff "I wasn't checking her out i just saw her I'm I not allowed to look at people? It's not like I asked her for her number" She huffs "whatever" She cross her arms and looks out her window. I roll my eyes I can't deal with this right now . I turn the engine on and head home as fast as I could I didn't wanna continue this absurd topic. I swear I hate when she gets so jealous it drives me insane.

chapter was updated/edited 06/26/18

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