Always Late

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Hannah's pov

England is much more beautiful then I expected. Although I love it here I miss my brother Niall more than anything. I met these three guys; Zayn,Liam,and Louis. Also my two closest friends Summer, Zayn's sister and Rebekah, Louis' sister. I really like Louis though few people know. Anyways little bit about myself. My name is Hannah Horan. I'm seventeen and have blond hair and blue eyes. Most people think Niall and I are twins but we aren't ;he is a year older than me. My two best friends are Summer Malik and Rebekah Tomlinson. Summer has brown hair and green eyes with brown around them. Rebekah has brown hair with light blue eyes. Summer and I are meeting up at Starbucks then Top Shop

Summer's pov

I was so excited to see Hannah today (i mean it's only been one day but we are close friends). I didn't however tell her Bekah and the boys were coming.

"Do you think she will be happy to see us?" Bekah asked

"Of course" I said "Mainly Louis"

As soon as I said 'Louis' him (followed by the boys) walked in late as usual.

"Sorry we were uh caught in traffic yeah caught in traffic" Louis said

"You should've did your 'stop the traffic let 'em through' dance move" I said with a smirk.

"Thats how we got here." Louis sassed

"Sure but we got to go dont want to keep Hannah waiting." I said

"Yeah." Bekah agreed

Hannah's pov

I HAVE BEEN WAITING THIRTY MINITUES! Finally here they come oh wait thats an old couple.

"Here's your sundae and hot chocolate" The Starbucks worker said. Her name tag said Monica. Hmmm must be her name.

Monica went to put a spoon in my sundae when I knocked it out of her hand quickly putting on hand sanitizer. See this is why Zayn and i get along so well he does his thing and i do mine. Ok that sounds wrong. We dont judge each other over these things.

"I'll take a fork" I ssaid before typing on my phone to see where they were. I pressed 'send' right as soon as they walked through the door. Liam was the first one to notice the spoon on the floor and Monica bringing me a fork amd laughed. Soon we as all laughing.

"So why is there a spoon on the floor?" Bekah asked. They know I hate spoons.

"I think a better question is why are they here?"I asked Summer.

"Dont you want us here?" Louis asked putting a hand over his heart for dramatic effect

"Well" I said. I looked at all thier faces and saw one thing; hurt. "Guys im kidding you know i love you"

"Mainly Louis" Zayn muttered under his breath. Zayn is the closest guy friend i have other than Niall of course. He found out my 'love for Louis' as he calls it yesterday.


"hey Zayn choose a movie I'll get snacks." I said

"Ok how bout The Notebook?" Zayn asked

"Sure." I said

"I know you like Louis" Zayn said

"What?" I said "How'd you find out?"

"The way you look at him." He smirked "I see the love."

"Dont tell him please." I begged

"Fine I wont tell Louis about your love for him." Zayn said


"Hannah, Hannah, HANNAH!" Summer screamed

"Oh uh sorry guess i zoned out" I said

Louis' pov

I really like Hannah i have NO clue how Zayn found out. Okay so maybe i was talking to myself in the mirrior about her.


"Hey Louis watcha doin" Zayn asked

"Uh nothing" I replied a little too quickly

"Louis i heard everything" Zayn stated as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"well" I trailed off

"You like her dont you" Zayn quizzed

"No" i lied

"Dont lie Louis"Zayn stated

"I love her Zayn, love not like" I said honestly

"Love is a strong word Louis" Zayn said

"I know too bad i have to feel that way isnt it" I said

"Dont hurt her Louis" Zayn said before leaving


After Top Shop, new clothes, and a delious white hot chocolate; we're home. I am sorta glad but ya know i wish i could spend more time with Hannah alone. This is kinda the same thing with Bekah and Harry . He is in love with her and wants alone time with her to tell her. Dont get me wrong I love the guys and gals but, i wish we could have some alone time. Oh gosh i sound like we're a couple.

Hannah's pov

Dear Diary,

Today Summer brought the guys and Bekah with her. Louis and the guys caught me zoned out. I must of looked like a complete idiot! But, soon after Louis zoned out too...

Hannah Horan

Zayn's pov

I have to find a way to get Louis and Hannah together here is my plan so far:

The boys and I kidnap them and lock them in a room together until they confess thier love for each other.

Now you might think this is a bit extreme but think about the end; they will be together forever.

Bekah's pov

Summer and i are going over to Hannah's for our weekly night. Knowing Hannah we will be watching Toy Story.See this is why Hannah is our best friend. She is crazy but we love her.Even though she always makes us watch Toy Story.

"Hey girl" Summer said extending 'girl' for more effect "Leggo"

Okay that was chapter one. Comment and tell me how you liked it. This chapter was dedicated to my best friend smill6. I will try and update whenever i can. You can follow me on twitter @tomogirl4ever to know when i will update next and if you have any questions you can dm on twitter or leave a comment. :) I will try and update every day but whatever and if you want a personal story message me your name and stuff and i will try and get around to it.

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