Day 2: The Revel

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When Aizawa lead me and my group of five to the class the uneasiness is what made it weird. Even sitting at my desk I thought of Uraraka and Bakugo, what the hell is wrong with me. I can't wait to be able tot all to Mina about all of this, she knows what to do. Once everyone loaded into the class, most of the teachers for our grade came inside. They locked the doors and closed the windows, they stood guard at the door.

Aizawa stood in front of the class, his eyes looked so serious, more than usually. The aura of the room was so different, it had never felt so scary but even during or after villain attacks.


"Ok, you guys have been hit with a love quirk of sorts" gasps filled the room, I called it. I am surprised Midoryia didn't get it.

Midoryia! His green hair and perfect emerald eyes, his smile. Him moaning my name!

Great the quirk, whatever the quirk fully is it is very powerful. The question is why a villain would have a such a strange quirk, when would this be useful. Are they even with the villains for that matter? There are so many questions that need to be answered dabi it the quirk it's self.

"The quirk will cause you to feel more sexual and feelings will be stronger" that explains the butterflies, and the jacking off for that matter.

"pro heroes Mt. Lady, Hawks, fatgum, and endeavor will be helping us out. And before you ask, yes the staff have it as well." No! Not my fucking dad, I came to the dorms to get away from the dumbass.

"You will be given a month off school to get use to this and for us to learn more about. Each of you will receive a package full of sex items. Oh and yes you are allowed to go around the dorms" sex items, they want us to fuck don't they.


What the fuck! This shit us dumb! "Any questions" The sleeping bag asked. Ochako raised her hand.

"What do we know about the quirk so far that you have yet to tell us?" That's my smart ass girlfriend bitches!

"Well we believe it can spread like a virus, since the pro heroes that we invited have been starting to feel somethings relating to the quirk" damn, can't wait to walk in on All night and Deku fucking.

"Wait Aizawa, what will happen if the pros and student have feelings for one and other?" Mina asked, for once that wasn't a dumb question.

"Ugh, You guys all are eighteen you can fuck it out or something I don't care" Aizawa you creep.


The last person to ask a question was Kirishima. "Aizawa, can we just lock ourselves in our room?" He asked, does that mean that Kirishima isn't happy with his feelings? Like I mean no one really is but we all like them in a way.

"If you wish to then just inform me" Easerhead said.

After that we all were brought to the dorms, it was so awkward. Iida was first to speak up, he wanted everyone to say who had feelings for who. Everyone kinda agreed to this, expect Kirishima who no one had seen.


We all went around telling everyone.

"I have feelings for Iida" Momo said, Jiro looked slightly salty about it.

"I too have feelings for you Ms.Momo" Iida said, ooo love birds!

"I have feelings for Jiro" Aw! Denki x Jiro for life!

"I have feelings for Aizawa ribbit" Asui and Aizawa I could see that!

"Feelings for Ojiro" Expected they are already dating.

"Midoryia" Todoroki said bluntly, knew it!

"T-Todoroki! I do too" Midoryia was now a blushing mess.

"I think I might like Mt.Lady" Mina quietly said. I mean she has painter did Mt.lady in her room so it's no surprise.

A few other went before it was my turn.

"Well....Katsuki of course!" Nice save me! Thanks me!

Before we all left someone brought up a point that made me feel guilty about not also saying Kirishima. "So does no one like Kirishima" everyone the group nodded. I was such a horrible person!

"Poor Kirishima, maybe we won't mention it" Sero sugested to the class, and like that we all agreed.

I guess I won't ever need to tell Kirishima or Katsuki for that matter, plus Kirishima Locked himself in his room. Maybe he did it because she has yet to be hit with he quirk!

No! I want Kirishima! I need to tell Katsuki I need both of them!

And I am wet again great, I excuse myself to my room. To no surprise Katsuki follow, when we entered my dorm he pushed me against the door and started to kiss me.

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