Charlie POV

I walked into the studios building. I waved to the familiar receptionist and got into the elevator, pressing the button with the numer 7 on it. The lift brought me up to my destination. I walked out and went into the radio stations office. 

"Hey Char" The person sitting at the front desk said. I smiled and walked down the hall. 

"And look who finally showed up" Grimmy said into the microphone, computers surrounding him. 

"Hello to you too" I smiled. I sat down in the familiar desk chair and said hello to the many listeners who enjoy listening to me bicker with Grimmy every weekday morning and sometimes on the weekends. Living my dream, I was the highest demanded radio host in the world. Everyone listened to the show that I took part in. I was asked to run a bunch of award shows already, I had friends that I've made in the music and communications business. It was pretty nice life. 

"I'll be right back" I said into the microphone. 

"And while lazy pants leaves 3 and a half seconds after she gets here, why don't we play a quick tune, Kiss You by One Direction" Grimmy said, blasting the song in the room as well I turned around and glared at him as he stuck is tongue out. I got back into the elevator and hit level 10. It dinged, indicating that I, once again, was on the floor that I would like to be on. I waltzed through the halls and walked into Syco recording studio. 

"Hey Charlie" the secretary said. 

"Hey" I smiled back. I followed the music that was being played and walked into the recording booth. 


"Mummy!" Darcy, my 4 year old daughter giggled, running into my arms. I laughed and kissed her smooth cheek. 

"Are you keeping these boys in order?" I asked. She nodded with triumph. 

"Hello there" Harry said, kissing me on the lips. 

"Hey! I brought Dyl to daycare, you just need to pick him up when your done here" I said. He nodded and kissed me again, with more passion. 

"I do believe this isn't a bedroom" Louis said from the comfy couch in the room. I rolled my eyes and poked my tongue out at him. 

"Darc, go over to uncle Liam, I need to talk to mum outside, ok?" Harry said. Darcy squirmed out of my arms and ran over to Liam who lifted her into the air. Harry took my wrist and pulled me outside, into the hall. 

"Yes?" I asked. 

"Nothing, the boys were gonna harass me if I did this in there so..." He trailed off, placing kissed all over my face. 

"Harry! Stop!" I giggled. 

"Nah!" He cuckled, letting his lips linger everywhere. 

I started squirming, trying to get out of his grip. Finally I did, and I fell with a thud. 

My eyes shot open and I saw I was on the floor of my room. I looked around and say Harry holding onto his mouth, his face red from trying to hold in his laughter. 

"You're such an ass" I said, hosting myself up. I rolled my eyes whie Harry blew me a kiss. I started walking towards my bathroom when Harry pinned me against the wall. 

"Good morning" He said. 

"Hi" I said, trying to keep myself from falling to the floor with my weak knees. 

"How was your sleep?" He asked. 

"Good, I had a really nice dream" I said. 

"Oh, I woud love to hear more about it over breakfast" I nodded and he started to lean in. 

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