Chapter 2- Sweet Dreams Lavi

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                Chapter 2- Sweet Dreams Lavi

                The beast let out a wicked growl, glaring at Cullen." Stop staring at me you idiot man!" She whipped back around and stormed out, blowing the candles out with a gust from her tail. The cold room was dark and lonely no doubt how the beast must have felt for a very long time.

                "It's okay lovely. She doesn't bite," A voice called from the shadows of the hall. A pale hand beckoned Cullen forward into the silent hall. He followed a tall woman as she led him to his room. She was tall with dark brown hair tied in a loose bun on the top of her head. She was human, with light green eyes and a soft pink-lipped smile. Cullen found her lovely and charming, someone he wished to get to know better. Even the soft curves of his body made him more comfortable in this morbid setting.

                "And here we are. The misses wishes for you to go out and chop wood. We need a fire for tonight, so don't forget to bundle up." The sweet girl left without another word, leaving Cullen in his new room alone. Although the woman was no longer in the room Cullen still felt her warm and good character. She must have been the polar opposite of the beast who was vindictive, ugly and cruel beyond humanity. If he was destined to stay here for eternity then at least he would have someone to fall in love with.

                This thought put Cullen in a better mood and as he chopped the wood, he couldn't help but smile. Maybe this wouldn't be as bad as he though.

~                                                                             ~                                                                                             ~

                Lavi watched from the library's window as the man called Cullen chopped the wood for their fire. He was smiling slightly but she knew who that tender smile was for. Her maid Jessie had gotten to him. All the men that worked in the household fell for the tall woman. Besides her, Lavi and the old croon Sister Ann Elizabeth was the only other woman there. It wasn't that Ann Elizabeth was ugly it was just that she would never sleep with any of them. Soon after figuring that out the men left their flirting comments all for Jessie.

                With a bitter sneer on her blood red lips, Lavi turned and faced Jessie who stood stiffly in the door.

                "Miss you mustn't be so cruel to this man. He has a good heart." Jessie's light green eyes shone with a layer of tears. Obviously Jessie though that Lavi planned on cooking the man for supper.

                "Jessie are you developing feelings for this man?" Lavi asked and turned back to the window. Cullen had stripped himself of his shirts and was finishing chopping wood with no protection from the bitter wind and frozen rain. He was well muscled and handsome in a more rugged way than what Lavi was used to. The old suitors used to be gently bred and knew the exact things to say in any moment. This man seemed to know all the wrong things to say.

But Lavi continued to watch as his pale skin was turning red from the cold and though Lavi would have rather watched more of this show of his muscles and the work they were doing under his tight skin, she beckoned Jessie to the window with her paw.

                "Miss this man means nothing to me. I merely don't want you to miss out on love. The time is fastly tickin' miss." Jessie shut he mouth when she noticed the yellow eyed glare Lavi was giving her,

                "You think I don't know this? Go get him and have the other men take the fire wood inside. Make sure he gets warm."Lavi walked out of the room before Jessie could make another pointless comment.