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The book went back with a clunk.

She moved along the shelves, tugging out books that looked useful. Very few actually were. She piled up the "maybe" titles at the end of the row. The light suddenly flickered off. She'd been there so long, the automatic sensor had given up. Only short, she had to wave her hands to get it to turn on again.

She sighed. What a day.

First there was that boy, the one she'd only seen in class two or three times. Why did it matter what she did her literature essay on? It was none of his business.

Besides, romance wasn't for idiots. It was very important. It gave people hope. People who, otherwise, might not feel like they have a chance at love.

She stopped, putting her head in her hands. That was what she'd said to the other girl, Mira. Putting out feelers. That was what you were supposed to do at uni, right? And how else were you supposed to tell someone you were gay? Just say it out loud? That wasn't how she worked.

A small part of her hoped she'd run into her here. After all, she'd told her what her essay was on. Mira would know what books she needed.

She shook her head. She doubted she was interested. After all, she'd made excuses and left so quickly. Maybe she was straight after all. Or busy. Or...

The lights turned off again. She sighed, waving her hand. She'd already been here way too long.

Focus. She had an essay to write.

She scanned her "maybe" pile but most were no good. In the end, she only took one book.

The silent study area was mercifully empty. She found herself and seat and spread out over two desks, giving her enough room for both her laptop and her notebook.

She opened the book. A small piece of paper fell out.

She squealed.

"I'll be your misfit. -Mira"

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