Foreign Affairs Chapter 14

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My eyes open to see Caspian holding my hand. I smiled, sitting up. His head lifted up, instantly, he sat up straighter. 

“Ava.” I wince, feeling some pain here and there. 

“Be careful. Your body is still in pain after what happened.” I patted the empty space beside me and Caspian lay down next to me. 

“At least I’m alive.” I spoke. 

“Yes, but bound to the white witch.” I place my head on his chest, listening to the vibrations of his voice and heart beating. 

“She’s very much alive now,” he continued. “I don’t understand how she is alive.” 

“Well,” I explain, “When we die, our body is gone but our spirit lives on. She must be feeding on some animal  blood or something.” Caspian hand started playing with my hair. 

“What would Aslan do?” I pick on a loose thread on the bed sheet. 

“Aslan would guide us but in the end we’ll both end it. Together.” He lean over, giving me a kiss on the forehead. 

“What would I do without you?” 

“Marry Lilliandil.” I decided to take a little nap, releasing all the stress I had this morning. 


“Ava,” An impatient voice snap through the room. I sat up wide-eyed. The white witch was sitting on Caspian’s chair. 

“You tricked me,” I said. 

“So I have,” she answered. 

“I should kill you now,” I threw the covers off me, walking towards her. 

“Ah, ah,” she said. “If you kill me, then you die.” 

Damn, I forgot about that. 

“What do you want?” I finally ask. 

“It’s getting colder and Aslan is now where to be found.” I narrowed my eyes, trying to see what she was talking about. 

“You’re recruiting armies,” I spoke out loud, reading her mind. 

“Yes, my old alliance never failed me, and a few Telmarines. And…Sam.” 

“You witch! What did you do to him!?” 

“Nothing. You can’t stop me. I’ve taken over Narnia once and succeeded…well for a while but that won’t stop me. Sooner or later this whole land will be covered in snow and ice. I love the cold.” 

“Just like your heart.” She gave me a glare before her hand smack my cheek. My teeth bit down my inner lip causing blood to run. 

“You are my slave. You are not aloud to speak to like that. Understand?” She said through gritted teeth. I raise my chin in defiance. 

“Since you are…from another world. Let me help you understand.” She stood up, her tall slender frame overshadowing my frame. 

“I’ll be Queen of Narnia once again and when I am, you and your friends and your king will suffer in my hands. Until then you will obey me and listen to what I have to say. Got it?” I save a wad of spit mix with saliva and blood, spitting it on her face. 

“Never.” Her bony fingers squeeze my upper arms with her nails sinking into my skin. 

“How dare you-” 

“Ava? Are you awake. I brought supper for you,” Mrs. Buttercup spoke behind the door. The white witch evaporated into thin air, leaving bits of snow on the rug. 

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