Chapter Nineteen

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‘Heey, Eve!’ Alfie enthused, waving me over to the space on the bench next to his.

Alice and Ember were on the other side of him, and Ember waved at me, a wide smile on her face.

I fluttered my fingers awkwardly in return, struggling to balance the silver tray at the same time. My eyes studiously avoided Eric’s, but he seemed to not notice; he was leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed.

What a poser.

I picked out a golden, crisp and cooked-to-perfection chip and bit into it, savouring on the pure saltiness.

‘Mmm, that looks good…’ Ember remarked enviously.

I grinned, ‘Want some?’

‘Yes please!’

I slid the bowl over to her, and she picked out a handful. Alice sneaked one out slyly, whilst pretending to talk to Eric.

I rolled my eyes but didn’t mention anything.  I saw her wink at me, before returning to Mr. Poser, who was now fully alert.

Seriously. What is wrong with me? Why can’t he even look at me?

‘So… Eve… how was your first half of the day?’ Alfie asked.

I shrugged, a non-comittal gesture. ‘Okay. Magical History is boring though.’

‘Yeah, but the teacher is a total hottie!’ He threw in, giving me an enthusiastic grin.

I made a face, ‘Ew. She’s eighty!’

‘Who’s eighty?’ Alice asked.

‘My Magical History teacher. And Alfie fancies her.’

‘Alfie! You reverse-pervert!’

Alfie threw out indignant protests, ‘Hey! I said she was fit, not that I fancied her! Anyway, what kind of word is fancy?’

I giggled, ‘I’m sorry. You can correct me on my grammer later, we’ve got Human Literacy next.’

The whole table groaned, except Ember. ‘Ha! I’ve got Alchemy!’

I rolled my eyes at her but continued, ‘What’s wrong with human literacy?’

‘You have write with a penfil, or something like that…’


‘That’s it! And you have to learn stupid poems written by quakearrow-’

Shakespeare?’ I scoffed, ‘Jeez, I did that in Year 7!’

Everyone swivelled their heads to face me, ‘You’re kidding me…’

I blushed suddenly, noticing all the surprised looks I was getting, ‘God.. It’s not like I just confessed that I drown puppies in my sleep or anything…’

‘Uh, yes it is…-’

‘-Jeez, I never knew you were good at anything!’ Obviously, that last comment was from Alice.


Three pairs of deadly serious eyes focused on me, and I could only meet two of them in return. Eric’s amber coloured eyes were too intense for my liking.

‘Okay, I’ll tell you what – I’ll tutor you guys, if you tutor me…?’

There was a moment of silence.

‘Okay, then!’


Eric nodded his approval.

‘Deal.’ I grinned; maybe I wouldn’t fail so terribly after all – take that Mr Handsen! 

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