8 | Exes and Oh No's

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Anger was not a foreign emotion to Sebastian Phillips

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Anger was not a foreign emotion to Sebastian Phillips. He'd been close friends with the feeling since the age of two when he first realized that he didn't need a good reason to throw a temper tantrum. But over the years the simple temper tantrums had morphed into something closer to rages that often left him wondering what it would be like to simply punch the next person who crossed him.

He toyed with the idea of doing just that as he watched Jude and Taliana scramble into Jude's car, but it all came to a halt when a hand clamped down on his shoulder.

Without thinking, he moved to push away whoever had the nerve to touch him, but was stopped when his wrist was caught between familiar fingers. 

Michael didn't flinch when Sebastian's stormy gaze landed on him, though it was easy to see that he was slightly wary of what was going to happen next. Marcus stood behind Michael wearing a quizzical expression, and an inebriated Jacob was by his side. Apparently all three had just witnessed his latest blowup thanks to a stick thin girl and a certain cousin of his. He was sure plenty of others had seen it as well.

"What's going on?" Michael asked, an uncharacteristic note of concern in his voice.

Sebastian opened his mouth to speak, but words failed him. Instead, he shook his head and strode back towards the house, waving a hand over his shoulder as a signal for the others to follow. As he reentered the house, previously loud conversations dropped to whispers and wide eyes followed as he made his way up the stairs. By the time he made it to his room, his anger had been replaced by a mix of exhaustion and disbelief.

A few seconds after he had collapsed onto his bed, the three other boys slipped into the bedroom, closing the door behind them.

"Seriously, what's wrong?" Michael questioned, coming to sit on the edge of the bed.

Sebastian grit his teeth and sat up as a surge of anger came rushing back. "Taliana Avilla. That's what's wrong."

Michael simply raised an eyebrow, his expression failing to betray his thoughts.

"What about her?" he replied after a few beats, obviously not having put two and two together yet.

"Did you not see me run her out of the house a minute ago with Jude in tow?"

Jacob's head snapped up abruptly. "Wait, that was Stick Girl?"

"I would have never guessed," Marcus breathed out, running a hand through his already disheveled mop of curls. "I mean... wow."

"There is no way that girl was Taliana." Michael shook his head. "Absolutely no way. She was too good looking to be Stick Girl."

"See!" Sebastian blurted, throwing his hands up for emphasis. "If you all didn't recognize her, how the hell was I supposed to?"

Jacob's brow furrowed. "What do you mean?"

Scowling, Sebastian rose to his feet and shot a pointed look at all three of them. "What I mean is that you all weren't the only ones who didn't realize it was her." He paused and sucked in a breath, trying to figure out how to phrase what he needed to say. "She's the mystery girl. She's the one I slept with."

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