22. Another Proposal

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Aayat's POV:

         "So, what is this case about?" I asked to Humaira's Assistant Meher who was currently sitting in my office room along with Sila who was going through the files related to the case Humaira had referred to me.

          "This case is actually a PIL (Public Interest Litigation) against the renowned Neurologist of our city Mr. Shahid Sheikh." Meher started speaking as she forwarded a photograph to me.

          I took the photograph and looked at the middle aged man, Dressed in his doctor's court , a stethoscope hanging on around his neck as he smiled what seemed like fakely at the camera. Although, I had heard of this man very much, I never got to saw him, not even in a picture, until now.

           "He has multiple clinics across the city and also is the head surgeon in many of the hospitals." Meher continued as I looked at the files before me.

"I see... But what are the allegations against him?"
I asked curiously to her.

          She forwarded a file to me and I took it from her when she spoke,

" In march, that is 2 months ago, Mr. Ahmed Khan , a 50 year old man had come to Humaira's office. Well he was suggested to refer his case to Humaira by the social worker in his area.

According to him, Mr. Shahid Sheikh, is a fraudster who gives preference to money above a patient's life.

His story goes back to 10 years ago, when his daughter, who was 19 back then was severely injured in the car accident . Mr. Khan and his wife were also present in the car but they didn't got any big injury. Only their daughter was the one who got injured badly,
They both rushed her to the Health Line hospital ,the private hospital that Dr. Shahid Sheikh owns.

He is the senior surgeon there and had been at that time too. When Mr. Khan had rushed their daughter in the hospital , she was immediately taken to the operation theatre. That was when Dr. Shahid Sheikh came into the view, as he was the one to operate Mr. Khan's daughter as she had injured her head.

          One's their daughter was rushed to the operation theatre, a member from the hospital staff Mr. Kumar had approached Mr. Khan informing him that payment of 1lac rupees ( Indian currency) was needed to be made immediately.

           Mr. Khan , for whom it was impossible to even have that much money , became shocked at that as he had known the Health Line Hospital for their advertisement of helping the poor. Mr. Kumar, was someone who Mr. Khan knew as he was Mr.khan's neighbour. Therefore, Mr.khan requested him that he wanted to meet  Dr. Shahid Sheikh.

          After alot of request, Mr.kumar convinced Dr. Shahid Sheikh to meet Mr.khan. and at last Mr.khan met Dr. Shahid Sheikh.

         When Mr. Khan talked to him and informed him that the reason he had brought his daughter here for treatment was because of the policy of this hospital to help the poor people and promised that although he couldn't arrange the amount, will manage to give it in few days. Dr. Shahid Sheikh , upon hearing that promised to Mr. Khan that he will surely operate his daughter and he didn't had to worry right now.

          Dr. Shahid did the operation but then, Mr. Khan was informed that they couldn't save his daughter as operation went unsuccessful."

Meher stopped to take a long breath. Sila was the one who spoke now,

" Mr. Khan eventually made peace with their daughter's death but it was in February, he learned a bitter truth about his daughter's death.

        Mr. Kumar , the member of the medical staff of health line hospital at that time, in February came to meet Mr. Khan at their residence after he was removed from his job & Then informed him about the reality behind his daughter's death.

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