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After we had that interesting encounter, we decided to stroll around the pier. I tried to not be the centre of attention too much, saying that it was something I never liked since developing social anxiety. They all were talking and joking around, leaving me walking alone at the back of the group. I suppose the guy I had been told was Calum noticed my disappearance. He nodded his head towards me while grumbling to Michael, "Yer completely neglecting ya girlfriend bro." Mikey gave him playful shove and turned towards me and began to walk with me.
"So, I know nothing about you-"
"Except my name." I cut him off in a matter-of-fact voice.
"Yea," he chuckled, "that I know. Anyways, here we are, two complete strangers, together, about to go on their first date. Doesn't that seem a bit surreal to you? Or is it just me?" He turned to face me, staring into my boring old brown eyes. I would've answered the question, but all I could think of is the word date. It kept echoing through my head and I found myself staring at this boy with this dumbfounded look on my face.
"Uh, is-isn't that n-normal?" I asked as I found myself sweating, hoping I answered this like a human being. "But, what would I know. I've never dated." I trailed off the last sentence.
"What!?" He exclaimed, making me jump. "How could you, looking like you do, with the personality you have, not have ever dated anyone?" He asked, completely confused.
My face started burning a bright red and I was at a loss of words. "Well, first off, my thighs are too big, I have a face full of acne, and I'm just generally ugly. Also, I've never really had luck with boys. If a guy asked me out, it was probably a prank to see how I would react and then embarrass me." I nodded my head, tearing up at the recall of the memories.
"But you're beautiful, and smart, and the most amazing person I've met!" He put his hands on my shoulders.
"Hah. The highschool boys think otherwise." I said.
For the rest of the walk we chatted until I knew everything about him.
"Hey why don't we go to Freddy's?" The tall blonde one, I've been told is Luke, suggested to the group.
"What an idea!" Ashton exclaimed linking arms with his girlfriend Bekha. Her name is Rebekha but I was told to call her Bekha.
I began to worry. I prefer not to eat sometimes due to my weight. I mean, compared to some people I was like a twig, and I had been called that my whole life by my family, but in my eyes I was more like a tree trunk.
When we arrived at Freddy's I had gone through the plan about 15 times in my head. When they asked what I wanted I would simply say, "Oh no, don't worry I ate before coming here" and smile. I felt bad about lying to my new friends and my possible future boyfriend, but I had become used to this feeling.
We got seated at a table. This place lived up to the stories the boys shared with Bekha and I on the walk here. It had red, black, and white tiled floors, white walls, and red tables. It had that 80's diner feel.
The tall thin blonde waitress approached our tabled and handed us menus.
"Can I get you any drinks to start?" She said in a perky high pitched voice.
"I'll have a Coke" said Calum.
"Make that three," said Ashton, speaking for both himself, and Bekha.
"Four." Mumbled Luke.
"Um I'll just have a water." I cringed, knowing I would get hassled for not continuing the trend.
"Ok so four cokes and a water?" The waitress double-checked while she scribbled unreadable words onto her page.
"Yea you got it." Calum said in a flirty voice as he skimmed his eyes up and down the girls curvy body. Luke elbowed him in the gut, motioning for him to stop. The waitress walked away, and as soon as she did Mikey playfully shoved me saying, "aw come on Lauren, couldn't you have just ordered a Coke?" This was such a small thing and I didn't understand why he was still on me about this.
"Well I've had plenty of soda this week." I said, making up a lie on the spot.
"Aye just let it go Mikey, let the girl order what she wants!" Luke fought back.
After out drinks arrived, the waitress came back to take our orders. The enire table ordered and before I knew it, it was my turn. I turned to Mikey and the rest of the group, put on my best fake smile and said, "I won't have anything, I ate before I came to meet you guys."
They looked at me, as if not believing me.
"Ok!" Said Calum, breaking the silence.
The entire meal became more awkward as they ate. Pretty much everyone offered me a pice of their plate to try. Each time, no matter how tempted I was, I managed to say no.


I apologize to you guys because this chapter is basically just a filler so it's boring :(
Anyways, I hope you all had a merry Christmas! I will be taking a break from writing so I can celebrate with my family so don't expect any updates until the new year! :)

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