Anthony: damn mamas, needy?
He teased a little bit

Isabella: please daddy
He smirked and kissed me hard

Anthony: anything for you beautiful

He flipped us over so he was on top and reached to his bedside drawer for a condom. He seemed to be struggling a little bit with opening it. I laughed and grabbed it from him quickly opening the package placing it on his tip and sliding it down his length.

Anthony: how much experience do you have exactly?
He laughed at the fact that I did that insanely quick

Isabella: lets just say I have a past
I hesitated and dodged the question

Anthony: hm, key word 'past'. Now it's me
He smirked a little before lining himself up with my entrance
Anthony: you're sure this is okay?

A smile crept onto my face when he asked that. Most guys wouldn't want to give you an out once you're this close. It shows just how much he cares. I nodded eagerly in response and he slowly pushed himself in. I mumbled a few curse words to myself as he completely filled me up. I brought my hands up onto his back as he thrusted into me starting off slow.

Anthony: it feels good? Doesn't hurt or anything?
He checked in on me and I smiled

Isabella: it feels really good
I assured him and he nodded slowly picking up the pace.

Anthony: tell me if I'm hurting you okay?
He asked and I nodded before he started thrusting even faster.

I leaned up bringing my face to his neck and trying to muffle my moans by kissing and sucking on his neck.

Anthony: fuck mamas, you're so tight
He groaned

As I slowly approached my high I felt my nails grip into his back. His thrusts were becoming a little sloppier meaning he was getting there too. We were both trying to hard to suppress our moans. I crashed my lips into his and flipped us so I was on top. I rolled my hips while bouncing on his shaft. We were both moaning into the kiss. After another minute he flipped us again and pinned my neck down to the bed as he thrusted into me. I was taken aback but very turned on.

Isabella: fuck daddy
I breathed out

Anthony: you're so fucking gorgeous
He said looking at my face.

He kissed me again but this one was slow. It was more passionate then any kiss I've had with anyone. It was slow yet deep and there was clearly a lot of feeling behind it.

Isabella: i'm so close
I said once I could tell the knot in my stomach was ready to explode.

He nodded and grabbed my leg bringing it over his shoulder allowing him to explore a new angle and hit new spots. I quickly hit my climax and he continued I rode out the wave. He finished just after me and collapse next to me before tossing the condom in the trash.

Anthony: wow
He breathed out.

I giggled before resting my head on his chest as he panted still trying to calm down. He looked down at me and saw a couple hickeys he left on my neck. He smirked before gently kissing them. He started playing with my hair, twisting it around his fingers, running his hands through it, he even tried to braid it but didn't know what he was doing. I laughed and sat up looking at him.

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