1 - welcome to the jungle

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"this is NOT elevator music," matti says to him.

"yes it is. it's music playing in an elevator," he responds sarcastically.


matti rolls her eyes and puts her hands over her ears. tony always has a way to annoy her, no matter the mood she's in.

she anxiously watches the numbers count up to 90; the main floor. well, not exactly the MAIN floor, but that's where everyone hangs out.

"friday, turn that 'so called music' down like 50 notches for me," matti practically yells over the heavy metal blasting in her ears. after a few seconds, the volume decreases to an understandable level.

"joy kill," tony mutters. soon, the elevator door opens, revealing the main floor. matti practically pushes herself out of the elevator. being stuck in a small space with tony is not the best situation... for anyone. hey, don't worry, matti loves the guy, but he's a handful. more like six handfuls. she honestly doesn't know how pepper deals with him on a daily basis.

natasha romanoff notices the look of discomfort on matti's face, and laughs. "so you've heard his 'elevator music,'" she says, approaching her friend.

matti nods her head with a chuckle. she's been friends with the team for almost ten years, so they've basically become her family. she doesn't like to consider herself an avenger, but everyone else treats her as one of them. to matti, she's just a shield agent. a shield agent with incredible hand-eye coordination and a small superpower that everyone hates.

natasha and matti follow tony into the kitchen, where he has four grilled cheeses lined up on the counter, ready to eat.

"four?" matti asks the genius.

"the other two are for me," he says, picking one up.

"and none for everyone else?" nat asks, crossing her arms.

he shrugs. "you didn't ask."

"neither did matti," nat says, then walks over to the line of sandwiches. she pick one up and takes a bite out of it, never leaving eye contact with tony. he opens his mouth in disbelief.

"you ate my sandwich," he mutters. "MY sandwich."

"oh, shut up, ross geller," a woman's voice says. pepper potts-stark walks into the kitchen. "just make another."

"you can't just 'make another,' pep," tony says to his wife. "you can't rush perfection."

"well fury will be here in less than 20 minutes, so i suggest you get on it if you want another," she says, talking to him like he's 8 years old. although he probably is.

nat nods her head a pepper, as if to say thank you. matti shakes her head and laughs, then grabs her own sandwich. tony can do a lot of things, and cooking is surprisingly one of them. he claims he gets it from jarvis. although matti does find it hard to believe jarvis was ever a real man.

tony stares at the three women, then ushers them out of the kitchen. "out. i need to concentrate," tony says. matti grabs her last grilled cheese before tony literally pushes her away.

nat clicks her tongue. "so bossy," she shakes her head, then walks towards the others.

clint barton sits in his pillow nest. a month or so ago, he stole tony's credit card and bought an enormous bean bag, that he has turned into a nest using blankets and pillows. he has a bag of rubber bands in his lap, shooting them at everyone else when they aren't looking.

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