Chapter 1

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Third Person's POV:

Ink sighed as he sat in the Doodle Sphere, just thinking about... well, life in general. About how he was getting tired, tired of creating, stopping Error from destroying, and... honestly, he was getting tired of life. He hadn't told Dream or Blue, but for a while now, he had been... depressed. He'd done a pretty good job of hiding it so far, although Dream had been getting suspicious. He'd have to be extra careful around him, but not so careful that it would be suspicious.

That was one of the reasons he was sitting in the Doodle Sphere right now and not hanging out with Dream or Blue. He was having another one of those moments, one of those moments where he had the urge to hurt. He took out the blade he always carried in his pocket and put it to his wrist...

Suddenly, he felt the presence of a new AU. He sighed and created a portal to it. He wanted to get to it and move it before Error found it. If Error knew there was a new AU, he would try to destroy it. Although recently, Ink had found it hard to protect AUs. He just thought, 'What's the point? Aren't we all going to die in the end? Why keep doing this?' But there were too many people depending on him for him to give up now. He sighed again as he teleported in front of the AU. 

Ink raised an 'eyebrow'. Copytale? He had never heard of anything like it, so it must be an original AU. Not the original, it just wasn't based off any of the others. He sighed as he checked for information about it.

AU: Copytale
Creator: 10395040101000338110
Characters- Copy Sans, Copy Frisk, Copy Chara, Copy Papyrus, (after listing everyone else because there's no way I'm listing every Undertale character)

Every character seemed to be the normal Undertale character, aside from the fact that every character had the extra name that everyone got.

But then there was one character he didn't recognize. The character name read,

'C0py E103l5903401n010a#6'

What did that name mean? He couldn't tell, and it was weird. Especially since the Creator's name was glitching out in a similar manner. That was odd. He decided to pay no attention, since it didn't seem too important, and kept reading.

Current RESETS: 36
Future RESETS: 37

-Pacifist: 2
-Neutral: 1
-Genocide: 34

AU Differences: 'Every monster was born with a split personality that fights with over the body for the first three years of their life. After three years, the one who won the last fights gains control over the body. Sans and Papyrus, however, still have their split personalities, as they were created and not born. After PLAYER, or by their human name, Cassidy, RESET for the 36th time, their world started glitching, and as a result, each monster regained their second personality. Of course, Sans and Papyrus already had two personalities, so the RESET caused their personalities to manifest into their own beings, but now both of the personalities, without the other to help support the body, are extremely unstable. For Frisk and Chara, however, their roles were switched. Chara is now in Frisk's body while Frisk is the ghost-like being. The only monster who remains the same is Flowey, who has no SOUL. Their journey is still in progress.'

Interesting. All Ink cared about, though, was making sure Error didn't destroy it. And since Ink had spent so much time looking at it, Error was probably on his way to destroy it already. Ink had to make sure Error didn't do too much damage before this Sans was supposed to be introduced to the AUs. He didn't even know if this Sans was ever supposed to find out. Sighing, he decided to try and get there before Error could so he couldn't destroy it. He opened a portal to the AU, hid somewhere no one would see him, and waited.

Error's POV:

I sat in the anti-void, bored as hell until I felt the presence of a new AU. Not caring to find out anything about it, I immediately opened a portal to destroy it. 

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