"life changes"

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Tay's POV
Im walking down the streets of my hometown, Poughkeepsie because I needed to get out of the house it gets boring and lonely being cooped up in there all the time, and I have nothing better to do so why not enjoy Mother Nature for what she is? As I walk further a flyer catches my eye, I go up to the pole it's hung up on and see it's a band try out. They need a rhythm guitarist and singer. "Hmm" I think. I do like to sing in my spare time and my dad was a musician. He taught me how to play the violin, and piano, I also know how to play the guitar too. I tear the flyer from where it's hanged up on and take it home with me. As soon as I get home I throw my keys on the key holder and call the person who put this up. I dial the number on the flyer into my phone and after the third ring they pick up. "hello this is mike ferri" the voice says on the other end. "umm, hello I'm calling for the band tryouts? to sing, my name is tay." he thinks for a moment and says "oh yea umm well band try outs are whenever you're available, thanks for calling"  "sure, how does tomorrow sound? I reply back. "tomorrow's fine, I'll text you the address where they auditions are being held. Thanks again see you soon." He says. "Yea no problem, see you" I hang up and suddenly my thoughts get clouded with all these possibilities. This good be a good thing I say to myself. Maybe this will change my life around.

Jordan's POV
After a whole afternoon sightseeing the city and walking around the streets of my hometown. Im sitting here with my girlfriend and my dog Cody at Starbucks and enjoying the view from the city. "Ahhhh don't you just love Poughkeepsie?" In a rhetorical sense but my girlfriend replies back "yes jor, it's amazing" I look down to see what Cody is doing. he is playing with the leash. Poor little guy I think he restless from all the walking we've been doing, maybe it's time we head home. I turn to my girlfriend and tell her "hey babe let's go home" she gives me an annoyed look and says in her whiny voice "but jor I haven't finished my coffee" I reply back "well bring it" and she scoffs and reluctantly agrees "okay." I really love Jessica but she can be a little too much at times sometimes I wonder how I even put up with her but hey love is love right? She gets up and I start to untie Cody from where he was. As we walk through the streets we pass by a pole that has flyers and advertisements but something catches my eye. I take a step back and head toward the pole and I grab the flyer and read
looking for a rhythm guitarist and a singer. If interested please contact Mike Ferri 8453458736
band auditions? hmm it says they are looking for a guitarist and a singer? Jessica looks over my shoulder and she looks at me "hey what are you looking at?" I turn to face her and tell her about the flyer. "It says they are looking for a guitarist and a singer? Hey babe maybe we can try out ?" She takes a look at the flyer and she says "YESS jor that's a perfect idea! you can play the guitar and I sing." "Great I'll give them a call" I take out my phone and dial the number that was on the flyer. I put the phone to my ear and it rings a couple times before someone picks up. "this is mike ferri" and immediately answer "hey man I saw the flyer for the band auditions? Is that still going on ?" Mike chuckles "yea man um the auditions are whenever you can." I reply "are you free tomorrow?" "Yea I'm free tomorrow, I'll text you the address and we'll meet up there, sound good?" I reply with enthusiasm "yea that sounds like a plan, thank you" "Nah man thank you. See you soon, bye" He hangs up and then I get a text message the the address on it. I think to myself, maybe this will change my life around.

chapter was updated/edited (06-25-18)

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