Chapter 4 - The invitation

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It’s so great to meet Doreen. She’s really my best friend, I can talk with her about everything – clothes, shoes, boys… I don’t know what I would do without her.

When she comes to our meeting place, I was still there and I wonder, why she comes with two boys. But it was ok.

While she hugs me I look at the one boy and O.M.G. I’m overwhelmed, his curls, his grin, … such a good-loocking boy! The other one looks also good, but he isn’t so gorgeous like the other, in my opinion.

“This Kat are Niall and Harry.” Doreen says, pointing at the two boys.

“Hi, nice to meet you.” I say, looking at the curly-haired boy, who’s name is Harry. Such a beautiful name.

“So sweetie, wanna go shopping now?” Doreen asks me.

“Yeah of course. But at first I have a question. Why do you bring the boys with you?”

“Well I thought that they’ll carry our bags, with the clothes we bought.” She answers, smiling at the boys.

“What?! Oh no, you haven’t mention this! I thought we take a stroll and eat an ice cream or such a thing like this!” Niall says.

“Yes, we’ll do it after shopping.” Doreen replied with a cheeky grin.

“Well… we carry your bags, but only if you’ll pay our ice-cream.” Harry says.

“Ok deal!” She answers.

“So now we can go shopping?” I ask.

“Yes, let’s go!” Doreen says and smiles at me.

Shopping was really great and funny. We girls make really fast with trying clothes on, but the boys ask every 5 minutes – have we finish? That’s annoying.

But after 2 hours we have finished.

“Yeeeeeeeees!!! Woho! Now I need an ice-cream, I’m so hungry!” Niall says.

After Doreen brought us all an ice cream, we sit down on a bench, I’m next to Harry. His shoulder brushing against mine.

“So you live in London, right?” He asks me.


“That’s great… Erm I mean so you can see Doreen now more often.” He says and brushes a little bit.

“Erm.. yes!” I answer, smiling.

“Hey wanna come tomorrow to my house? I’m alone so you can also sleep there.” Doreen asks me.

“Yes it would be great!” I replied.

“What about you boys? Do you also wanna come? And maybe Nicola?” Doreen asks.

“Yes. We’ll call you and tell you.” Niall says.

“Great. So I have to go now and buy some food for tomorrow.” She says and hugs Harry, Niall and me at least. “Goodbye.”

“I’ll call you and tell you who comes, ok?” Niall says.

“Yes. You have my number?” Doreen aks.

“Well..erm.. no..”

“Haha how want you call me, when you haven’t got my number?” She laughs and wrotes her number on his arm.

“Now you can call me! So bye guys.”


When the boys come back, they were really happy. Niall talks and talks.. something about that they must carry the girl’s bags, but Doreen paid the ice cream.

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