Blindishly Stupid

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   It was time for lunch , i quickly rushed down to Mac Donalds and ordered bunch of fries . I think i should call sab . I picked up my phone and dialed her number but she didn't pick , i repeated this again , 4 times . She didn't pick . I was sweating at the moment  debating if to check on sab at home . Luckily for me a message popped on my phone .

                                      Sabrina :
                                 Don't worry
                                 yourself kiddo
                                 , i'm alright . I
                                left the house 
                                without my
                                phone . Have a
                                good day ❤ .   

Me :      
I was worried now
i'm not . It's lunch
time so i needed to
here your voice .
have a good day
to you too 💋😝

          I smiled and wiped off the tear that escaped my eyes . She's the only family i have left . If she's gone ,its finally the end of me . I began picking  on my fries with my head down when a manly figure approached my table . I didn't look up ,

" Is this seat taken ? "  sounded like a familiar voice i heard hours ago but i didn't care .

" No." I heard him pull the chair to sit , still i didn't look up .

" What took you so long to answer ?" His voice was cold , so would mine .

" Why do you care . I needed no one to sit with . After all , the chair isn't mine . " This time i looked up and my body stiffened . My blood stopped circulating , the only thing i was hearing now was my heartbeat . He chuckled and had a smirk plastered on his face .

I hate it that i keep crossing paths with you

" You do ? "

" Did i say that out loud?" I mumbled .

" Oh yes ! You did ."

" I'm really sorry you heard it boss but i won't take that back ."

" I seem to like your sincerity ."

" Thank you ." I mumbled quickly. I need anything but a conversation .

  I brought out the breakfast Sabrina made me out of the paper bag . It was cold , nonetheless , i would eat it . I was happy Brad had left only to my surprise i found him smirking still sitting where i had expected him to have left . A frown appeared on my face . The waiter came around again .

" What do yo-"
Before i could finish , she started throwing flirtatious remarks to Brad . I rolled my eyes and suppressed a chuckle when Brad turned out cold to her .

" Lana ."

" Y-yes s-sir  " I shuttered

" I'm sorry for ,huh, i mean ..."

" Get to the point , sir? "

" I'm sorry for , h-how i spoke to you earlier . "
I cleared my throat . " its okay sir."

I can't forgive you jackass
You want me to lose my job ?

" You can call me Brad ."

" okay sir."

" what ? "

" I said its okay sir . Any problem with that ? "

" Chill , i'm still your boss " his expression changed .

" Do i look like a BS person ?" I blurted and continued eating my avocado toast .

" What's Bs? "

" Thought you'd never ask . blindishly stupid ...thats it "

" Hmm, nice acronym . To answer your question , yes . How dare you talk to me like that , i'm still your boss you know ? "

BOSS with no BALLS

" You're a nice person boss . Scratch that . I never gave in to your pretentious attitude ,"
     I dropped few dollar notes on the table and walked out . Right now if you run into me , you'd be buried six feet underground . Reaching my office in no time , i dropped miserably on my seat .

Everyone just ditches me
I'm just here to work

    I had packed my bags and dashed out of the office , entering the elevator with some red haired lady . She was tall and slender , with a red hair reaching her shoulders and a tiny waist . She had a beautiful toned white skin shining devilishly . It matched with her pure black eyes . She seem to use much make up , but its now fading causing her freckles and sores to show .

" I guess this is your last day at work .

" Since you and i are the only one in the elevator , i assume you're talking to me ." I arched my eyebrow with my head high .

" Yes . I said that because you have guts ." I chuckled at that statement before returning to my normal - cold self .

" How if i may ask ?"

" No one has ever exchanged words with the boss like that without getting fired the next hour , so i question why you're still here ."

" He's in his office , ask him."

The elevator stopped at the 1st floor and i walked out without spearing her a glance .


I got home to a sleeping Sabrina.
I heard a loud growl coming from my stomach and i quickly rushed to the kitchen . Opening the fridge to see if i could find any fast food , my lovely Sabrina
had already made me dinner . Dutch baby . I took a fork and washed it , i dug into the dutch baby and a loud moan escaped my mouth . It was mouth watering . Sabrina sure knows how to fill my pit of a stomach .

" Look at my baby eating a dutch baby , how selfish ."

" Your baby here was hungry and i couldn't help but eat the other baby ." I pouted sounding childish

" Well i knew you were in when you moaned loudly ."

" what?"

" You heard me , i answered before you asked. "

" By the way , how was work hm  ?"

" Good." I lied and continued eating.

" I know you're lying . So tell me the details ."


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