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Since Chanyeol can't function properly without caffeine in his system, he decided to drop by the coffee shop beside THE SCENE. A cozy establishment that is breathe of fresh air from the tall and gray high rises that surrounds it. The wood accents and the brown of the coffee shop is  really popular with the people in the area. The ginormous oak tree frames the cafe perfectly as it stands behind, it's ever green leaves perfecting the earthy, Pinterest vibe his sister was going for.

“Park Chan!”

Chanyeol smiled widely as he saw his sister Yoora walking towards him. They met halfway and he gave her a big hug.

“Ya! You don't visit anymore.” His sister crossed her arms and pouted at her brother. Even if she was the older out of the two, she still acts like a baby that's why he and their whole family is so protective of her. This cafe was actually the first time she ventured out on her own as she usually prefers the comfort of their library back home.

“I was busy, noona. It's almost the summer season," he explained. “But I'm here now, aren't I?”

Yoora finally smile and led him inside the cafe. The amazing aroma of coffee beans and freshly baked cookies immediately greeting his grateful nostrils.

They sat on the table right beside the floor to ceiling window, the busy streets of Gangnam sparkling in the early rays of the morning sun.

“Before I forget, I'm going to the Philippines for a shoot. We'll be there for about a week or so. Still not sure when though.”

Yoora nodded her head as she sipped her cup of hot cocoa. Chanyeol and their parents got a bit of a shock when she said she wants to build her own cafe since she's never been a coffee drinker. But a year later, the business was blooming and the second branch in Hongdae is scheduled to open next month.

“I've always wanted to go there. Especially Palawan. Me and my friends read about it in a travel blog once.” She looked at Chanyeol, a playful anger in her eyes. “You always make me jealous. I really hate you.”

Chanyeol laughed and assured his sister that he'll send her lots of pictures. He didn't stay long after that since he still has a lot of work to do in the office. He gave his sister a final kiss on the forehead before walking over to the building beside. The gold letter of THE SCENE gleaming up above.

Kyungsoo was already on his desk in front of Chanyeol's office, he stands up as his boss' figure appeared.

“I got the sample of linen fabrics from the production team, they want you to choose which ones you like best for the button downs. No meeting scheduled for today and tomorrow's flight is at 6:45 am.” Kyungsoo has the habit of greeting him with the daily agenda.

Chanyeol chuckled as he placed his suitcase beside the desk and sat on his chair.

“Good morning, Kyungsoo.”

His secretary rolled his eyes and bid him back an unenthusiastic good morning.

The early years of his secretary was the time when Chanyeol's career was shooting off the skies. He was cocky and felt like everybody owed him everything. Let's just say the fame and success got to his head and made him insensitive towards the people around him. Sure, his designs were revolutionary and a total hit in the fashion industry, his pieces walked the New York Fashion Week, but how he treated the people under him was nasty. He screamed at his staff. He was unreasonably harsh when critiquing new designers. And it's not even because they're ugly, some of it were really good. Chanyeol was just scared that someone will top his work. Kyungsoo was quick to point it out.

“I don't care if you're the boss or if you're the best designer in the world. I'm not gonna work for someone who constantly puts down people instead of giving them advice that could actually help them. I'm sure you've heard of constructive criticism. And I think you might've forgotten that you were a nobody once too.”

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