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IT WAS A SUNNY SUNDAY AFTERNOON, and the last thing that Gerard Way wanted to do was leave the house. Sometimes he woke up and everything in his mind was cloudy and black. Everything in sight looked painted like a picture and fake. He'd have a strong lack of motivation. Even drawing felt like a chore, and that was his favourite thing to do. And not just that, but his anxiety would go mental too.

The smallest unexpected noise would startle him, and he'd feel paranoid about random little things. He felt safer when he was at home. He didn't want to leave the house in case there was danger, but he didn't want to be home alone. That freaked him out a lot, even if his dog was there with him. And Holly was a very protective dog.

Unfortunately he couldn't just stay in his bed today. His older brother studied Italian at their school, and last year had gone on a trip to Italy with their school, being hosted at an Italian student's house. Now, it was his turn to host that same student, and they had to go pick him up from the airport.

Of course, it made Gerard incredibly nervous when he found out a total stranger was staying in their house with them, but Mikey had assured him that he was nice and wouldn't bother him.

Gerard finally managed to drag himself out of bed, shuffling his feet along the floor in a pathetic motion as he made his way to the shower. Even if he didn't want to, this was ten times better for him than staying home all by himself for two hours. He liked to be where he felt safest, and that was wherever his parents or his brother were.

Even simple things like showering brought him paranoia. He was aware that his problems were bad, but he was too scared to get help and see a therapist. The thought haunted him everyday. His parents didn't take it too seriously. The only one who took him seriously ever was Mikey, who had offered to take him to see a doctor, even pay for therapy since he worked part time. But Gerard declined, he couldn't have his big brother waste time and money on him like that.

Gerard made a sad effort to wash his hair, only half-rinsing out the conditioner, then immediately going for the body wash and awkwardly slapping it over his body, rinsing off. He tried to be speedy and not take too much time. He didn't like to look at his naked body. It wasn't like he was chubby-chubby. Sometimes he forgot to eat properly, it was an effect of the lack of motivation he had. He just forgot, honestly. He was a little slim, but had a total baby face, and a little bit of a stomach.

After stepping out of the shower, Gerard dried himself off, staring at the mirror - it was too fogged up to see his reflection due to the steam. He got too cold if he turned the fan on, so he never did, and his mother would scold him for fogging up the mirror all the time.

He got dressed, just putting on some black skinnies and a baggy sweater. After brushing his teeth and his hair (at the same time, like a multitasking expert) he moisturised and put on sunscreen. He burnt easily, being so pale.

He headed back to his room and put on his socks and his boots, a soft sigh leaving his lips.

"Gee, are you ready yet?" Mikey asked, poking his head into the room.

Gerard nodded, grabbing his phone and earphones, standing up and walking out. Mikey walked with him, a hand on his shoulder kindly. Knowing that his younger brother tended to struggle with leaving the house, he would try to help out and make him feel comfortable in any way possible.

They both got into the backseat, Gerard listening to some music as they drove the one hour to the airport. He wasn't excited for when the three of them would have to squish up in the backseat. That was like his worst nightmare. But usually Mikey volunteered to go in the middle, as he was quite skinny and more outgoing than Gerard. It was usually his friends they were squished up with anyway.

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