|Ch. 7|

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Zhari groaned and reached for her head as she slowly sat up in bed. Her head was pounding. It was like someone was using a jackhammer all over her head. She wanted it to go away. She opened her trust, vision a bit blurry, wide enough to look over and see a cup of water and three Advil pills on the small dresser next to her. She quickly snatched them up, tossed them in her mouth and swallowed the damn glass of water in a matter of seconds. She needed the pills to kick in like yesterday.

"Damn." She dropped her head in her hands.

"You're welcome." A voice sounded in the room.

Zhari's head shot up, and her eyes flew open, so quick that she almost gave herself whiplash. She climbed off the bed and searched the still dark room for him.

"What the hell are you doing in my room, Facinelli?" She all but hissed whispered.

She couldn't yell or she'd surely die from the headache she had. Her head would explode.

"Look around, Ms. Jameson, you're in my room."

Zhari slowly looked around the room and sure enough, she was not in her own room. She wondered how she'd gotten here, in his room, in his house.

"How the fuck did I get here?"

"You don't remember?" He asked.

She looked up just in time to see him stand up from a chair across the room and head her way. The only light in the room was the sun that was peaking through the heavy looking dark curtains. Of course he wasn't wearing a shirt. He was dressed in pajama bottoms that put sat low on his waist. Very low. She could see that he was a shaver.

"You drugged me?" She gasped as the events of last night came flooding back.

"Well, I didn't, but one of my guards did." He stated.

"Yeah, under you order you son of a bitch." She snapped.

"If you learned how to keep your hands, and knees, to yourself I never would have taken you this soon." He hissed.

"Taken? This soon? Wait - I'm not staying here! Hell no! You have me all they way fucked up." She spat angrily and headed for the bedroom door.

"You're not going anywhere." He said and grabbed her wrist.

Zhari quickly snatched her wrist free of his hold and glared at him with hatred in her eyes. "Fuck you. You can't tell me what to do. I'm not your fucking property or your wife. Tell that bitch what to do."

Just as she opened the door, he pushed it shut and pinned her the front of her body against the door and wrapped his right hand around her neck. "What part of you're mine are you not understanding? The you're or mine part?"

"Both, you fucker."

He chuckled in her ear before he licked her neck. "Want me to show you?"

"Fuck off."

"Don't tempt me, Ms. Jameson. I always get what I want and right now, I want you and there is nothing stopping me from getting what I want." He said.

"So you're gonna rape me, is that it?"

He quickly turned her around and tightened his fingers around her throat. "Watch your fucking mouth, Ms. Jameson. I highly suggest you tread lightly before you say something that gets you in a lot of trouble."

"You don't scare me, little sick." She spat.

"The last thing I want to do is scare you, Ms. Jameson."

"Then what the hell do you call all of this? Kidnapping me and threatening me about how you always get what you want? If that doesn't spell 'I want you to fear me' I don't know what does."

"I do always get what I want. I don't have to take it by force. You're going to give it to me." He said with a smirk. "And don't look at it like its kidnapping."

"How the fuck am I suppose to look at being forced to stay here against my will?" She asked with a glare.

"I don't know, but you'll learn to like it here. I have everything you'll ever need." He said and released her.

"My girls are going to come looking for me."

"No they won't. You sent them all a text early this morning saying you had an emergency business trip to go on and that you wont be back for about a week or two." He said. "In California."

"Cali - how in the fuck did you get me on a plane to California without any problems from security?" She asked with wide eyes.

"Private jet."

Zhari groaned and moved to sit on the bed. "This has to be a fucking nightmare."

Chase moved and sat next to her. "Sorry, beautiful, but you're fully awake."

She jumped away from him, climbing onto the bed and sat with her back against the head board. "Well, then fucking kill me then. I'd rather die than stay in this house with you and your jealous ass wife."

With a chuckle, he climbed into the bed, forced her legs apart and climbed between them until he was face to face with her. "Do yourself a favor and behave, Ms. Jameson. If you do I'll make you come all over my tongue over and over again."

Zhari scoffed. "Please. I'm not interested in being your walk on the dark side. I told that wife of yours the same thing."

He tilted his head to the side. "What are you talking about? When did you speak to my wife?"

"Yesterday. She came to my office and told me to stay away from you and that you only want me because you're curious about what it's like to fuck a black woman."

Chase glared but not at her. "I'm going to talk to her about that." He saud before he leaned in towards her face, his lips almost touching hers. "And you wont be the first black woman I've fucked, Ms. Jameson. I've fucked my fair share of black women so, I am not interested in you for that reason."

"Would you back the hell up? You're to close for my liking." She placed her hand in his shoulders and pushed.

He barely budged.

"I want you, Ms. Jameson, because you're not afraid to stand up for yourself, stand up to my wife or myself and you're an honest woman." He leaned forward and kissed her cheek. "You're the kind of woman I need by my side."

With that he climbed off the bed and left the room, but not before closing and locking the door behind him. As soon as she hear the door click lick, Zhari jumped up and rushed over to the window, pushed back the curtains and opened it. She was on the second floor, but as she looked around the perimeter of the rooftop, she saw a white fence up against the house that was just high enough for her to climb down. You know, the white picket fence that you see in movies where the forbidden boyfriend climbs up to get into the girls bedroom.

That fence.

She was getting the fuck out of that house now matter what. Even if she had to climb out the fucking window, run clear across the rooftop to the fucking wooden fence to climb down.

"Fuck you, Chase."

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