The Girl Who Fell For Her Best Friend 1

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The Girl Who Fell For Her Best Friend...



Hope you all enjoy this new story of mine. I'm trying to create some new stories from the pieces I have here at home. I have so many! Anyway, comment vote and enjoy coz I really wanna know what you all think of my stories :D


Thanks :)


I sat in the window seat of my bedroom, gazing out at the snow. Once again the bitter cold of winter had plagued us. With Christmas only a week away, I'd luckily finished all my shopping and therefore could huddle up in the warmth of my house.


I watched through the snow as my parents rushed from their car to inside. I didn't bother to go greet them; they knew I was home. Instead my eyes fell on the attractive guy next door. Angus was my best friend, we'd known each other for years. He'd been my neighbour for so long I didn't know a life without him. He was amazing, and always knew how to make me smile.


But he had a girlfriend...


And he'd never even feigned any interest in me.


But my heart yearned for him. It was so hard to like a guy and not have him like you back. To see his imperfections as perfections. To see amazement in him no matter how stupid it might be. To see only the good in him through the bad.


Yep. I was a girl obsessed.


And I HATED it.


I just wanted him to notice me as more than his friend from next door. I wanted to be known as more than Alexia Roberts, his brunette friend from next door.


But Angus was into girls who were anybody but me.

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