|Ch. 6|

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Chase was sitting in his own booth, with a few other men he was doing business with, when he spotted her

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Chase was sitting in his own booth, with a few other men he was doing business with, when he spotted her. She was dressed in tight ripped jeans and a fitted white shirt with her hair pulled up in a tight curly pinky tail. He wanted to jump up off the couch, push through the sea of people and take her. She looked so fucking good.

He watched her as she dances. He watched her as she let some light skinned woman grab her waist and pull her close. He watched her as she let the woman full her up. He even watched her as the woman grabbed her breasts before she took a quick step back before grabbing her hand and leading her towards the bathroom. It was then that he excused himself and followed after them.

He took his time though. As much as he didn't want anyone, male or female, touching what was his, he was curious as to how far Zhari would let the woman take things. So, when he didn't see them outside the bathroom, he figured they were already inside.

Without knocking, he slowly pushed the door open and what he saw made his dick jump. Zhari was sitting on the counter, the woman standing between her legs, with her hand in her pants and her lips wrapped around one of her nipples. He grabbed his dick through his pants and groaned, getting their attention. Asia jumped back, removing her hand, and her mouth, from Zhari and looked back at Chase.

"What the fuck - this is the ladies room." She snapped before she realized who she was staring at. "Oh, Mr. Facinelli, I - I didn't expect - I'm sorry."

His eyes never left Zhari who kind of struggled with zipping and buttoning her pants and fixing her shirt. "Get out."

Asia looked at Zhari, who looked at her and shook her head. "Don't g - go."

"I'm sorry." Asia said before rushing out but not before Chase grabbed her by the arm. "Sir?"

"Don't ever touch her again or I will put a bullet between your eyes."

Asia nodded and left.

Chase pushed the door closed and locked it behind him. "I didn't know you liked pussy, Ms. Jameson."

Zhari rolled her eyes and moved to exit the bathroom, but he stopped her with an arm wrapped around her mid-section. "Let me by, asshole." She slurred.

"Were you really going to let her taste you? Were you going to let her go all the way with you tonight?"

She stepped back and glared at him. "Who the hell are you to - to question me? And why the hell did you threaten Asia? I don't belong to you or anyone else."

"You belong to me, Ms. Jameson." He said and took a step in her direction.

"No the fuck I don't. I belong to me. You belong to Ke - Kelly, so go fuck her if you're horny." She groaned and tried to get passed him again only for him to stop her...again.

"Ugh! Let me go, you bastard. I don't want to be in here wi - with you. You're fucking up my drunken buzz, bruh."

Chase glared at her.

"Why? So you can finish what you started?"

Zhari stepped closer and got all up in his face. "I can and will do whatever the fuck I want. If I want to go and find me some dick to bounce on, I can, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it."

Before she knew what hit her, Chase had his fingers wrapped around her throat and her pinned against the wall, his face so close that their noses were touching.

"Don't fucking tempt me, Ms. Jameson. I will kill any man with big enough balls to look at you let alone fuck you." He hissed. "Watch your fucking mouth before you get someone killed."

"Geeet the ffffuck off mmmme!" She hissed.

"You need to understand that you are no longer available. You're mine. If I catch you with any man that isn't related to you by blood I will make you regret it." He said before he lowered his eyes to her breasts. "I want to know how they feel in my mouth."

"Don't you fucking dare."

With his free hand, Chase used his pointed finger and traced her still hardened nipple through her shirt. "You're still wet, aren't you? I can help you with that. I'd be glad to finish what she started, just say the words."

"In your fffucking drrreams, Facinelli. Now, mmmove."

After tracing her other harden nipple, Chase lowered both his hands and took a step back. He felt the sting of her slap before he saw her hand coming towards his face.

"Kkkeep yyyour fuckin hands t- to yourssself."

Chase grabbed her face and glared down at her. "Hit me again and I can promise you that you won't like what happens next."

"Fuck you!" She snapped before she kneed him in the balls and pushed away from him.

She quickly made her way to the door, unlocked it and rushed out towards the dance floor. When she found her girls, Asia no where to be found, she rushed towards them.

"Where the hell were you? Asia ran out of here like her ass was on fire." Layla asked.

"Chase ha - happened. I have to go home. I - I kneed him in - in the balls and I'm sure, by now, he's - he's lookin for me."
Zhari said.

"Holy shit! Zhari, you're fucking crazy." Georgia said.

"We'll come with you." Layla and Carly said.

Zhari shook her head. "No. You ladies at - stay here. I called an uber as soon as I - I ran out of the - the bathrooom. Have fun for me."

"Are you sure, Zhar?" Hayden asked.

Zhar nodded.

"I'm sure. I will be fine. I - I can protect myself if I have to. I'm n - not worried about Ch - Chase."

"We should at least ride with you and make sure you get home." Carly suggested.

"No. Please, just have fun." She said before her phone beeped and she looked at it. "Seeeee? My ubers here already. I will see you all t - tomorrow. I love yooouu."

"We love you, too." They all said before kissing and hugging her. "Text us when you get up."

"I will." Zhari said before turning around and heading towards the club entrance.

As soon as she stepped outside the cold air slapped her in the face, sobering her ass up real quick. "Damn."

She looked at her phone to confirm the license plate of the car she ordered before she walked up to the black and red Volvo. The driver rolled down their window and leaned over the passenger seat.

"Are you Zhari?" He asked.


"Hop on -" instead of finishing his sentence he quickly put the car in drive and sped off.

"What the - hey!" She screamed after him but he just kept going.

"Ms. Jameson?" Came a voice behind her.

Zhari spun on her heel and came face to face with one of the men who'd grabbed her and forced her into their car the other day and damn near dragged her to Chase's office.

"What the hell do you want?" She hissed.

"I'm sorry about this."

And before she could ask what the hell he was sorry about she felt a pinching pain on the side of her neck.

"Wha - what did you give me?" She gasped before everything went dark.

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