part 1

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Note: This story takes place in May 2020. c0vid 19 never happened. 

The first chapter is a bit long, I apologize! 

Bear giggled and ran to the door, pounding it hard. "Park today!" he yelled excitedly. 

Liam laughed and picked him up. "We went to the park an hour ago, Bear," he said, and plopped down on the couch, putting his son in his lap. 

Cheryl Cole walked inside the cluttered living room, eyeing Liam and her son affectionately. She sat down next to Liam and kissed Bear on the cheek, who was now pouting and muttering angrily. 

"So," she said, directing her attention to Liam, "Have you given it any more thought?"

"Given what any more thought?" Liam said, grabbing the remote off the coffee table. 

"Stop it, Liam," she reprimanded. "You know exactly what I'm talking about."

Liam put the remote down and sighed. "I don't know what you want me to say, Cheryl. It's just too big of a decision for me to make right now. Not to mention how fucking unexpected it was,"

Cheryl covered Bear's ears. "We have a three year old in the vicinity," She uncovered her son's ears and sighed too. "Listen, it was unexpected but you can't just avoid it. And I know how happy you were in that band. I agree that it was harsh on you at times, but are you really trying to tell me you're happier as a solo artist?"

"Having a solo career was a new experience," Liam argued, fidgeting with Bear's sweater. "But I think it might be time to go back to what I'm used to,"

Cheryl smiled excitedly. How could she not? She was one of the judges who helped put them together. 

"Don't get too excited," Liam said quickly. "It's not a final decision yet. And besides, we don't know about the other members yet. Niall is a yes, obviously, but Zayn is very iffy. And don't even get me started on Louis and Harry..."

Cheryl sucked her breath in. Although she didn't know the whole story, she knew enough about what went down between those two. And how disastrous it was. 

Cheryl and Liam had managed to stay friends after their breakup and successfully co-parented their son, Bear. 

A week ago Niall and Simon had approached Liam with a sudden offer: get the band back together. One Direction, one of the world's most famous boybands, might be getting back together. The first person Liam thought about was his son, Bear, but Cheryl had said repeatedly that with her around, he would never have to worry about Bear. 

And he knew she was right. 

He also knew how much he missed being together, with the boys. He missed Niall and his stupid laugh, he missed Harry and he missed sassy Louis and most of all, he missed Zayn. He missed Zayn so much. 

"Liam," Cheryl said, gently tapping his shoulder. "Give Niall a call. I know you said your decision isn't final, but are you really going to pretend to be unsure for a week only to say yes to him in the end?" 

She knew him too well. "I'll call him tomorrow, okay?" he said, shifting his attention to his son, who was now whining from the lack of attention. "Let's get this bear some lunch first,"

A/n: Gigi is not pregnant in this storyline. Her relationship with Zayn is not as serious, either. 

Niall waited nervously in front of Zayn's house. His finger had been resting on the doorbell for like five minutes now, and he still hadn't pressed it. 

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