Chapter 1

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January 1, 2012

Dear Reader of My Story,

I'm writing this so I don't forget it. Yeah, it may seem strange to you. But it all happened. Every little bit in this story. I fell in love with the wrong person. And that person broke my heart. Then fixed it. Then broke it once more.

My heart has been broken countless times. But this time it wasn't just by anyone. It was by a man. I'd tell you his name now. But I think it's too soon. You probably know him, though.

He's famous. He's on Disney Channel. He's got a show called Austin and Ally. Mark my words. Falling in love with a celebrity when you don't know them is hard. Especially when they all of a sudden get a girlfriend. But when you actually do know them, and you tell them your true feelings, yet they decide to go out and get a different girlfriend, it hurts. Like hell.

So, you probably won't even remember half of what I'm going to tell you but please try to. Sometimes falling in love is easy. And it stays easy. But, sometimes, falling in love is easy. Yet, it doesn't exactly stay easy. The second one is my relationship. And trust me; I don't exactly think you want mine.

This is my story. It starts off with me and my two best friends, Cassie and Dakota. We're moving to L.A. We had been planning it since our freshman year in high school. We were taking a trip cross country.

We went and that's what I'm telling you in this first letter. I'll be sending the rest soon. I don't even know who these are going to. I just need someone to know about my life. I need someone to know my story. Don't respond to these. And don't try to find me. I won't lie. Everything will be the truth.

Here it is. Everything. I'll tell you about me in this letter. So you can understand the story.

I led a normal life. It was simple. Easy. My mom was strict but I was never really punished. I wasn't exactly allowed to go anywhere. That's why I was excited to get away from it all. I did get away. I had two sisters. They were both a good deal older than me. But that was good because they could look out for me. I liked my home I was always given what I wanted but I just needed freedom and my mom wouldn't let me. I got it though. When I turned 18.

Now for my friends.

In 7th grade I had a best friend. Name of Hannah. Then she changed drastically. She made new friends. And I did too but she made ones that were a lot different than her.

She changed and she started making fun of me. About my braces. That's how I met Cassie and Dakota. They saw what she was doing. They helped me through what happened with Hannah. Hannah and I drifted apart and Cassie, Dakota and I got closer.

They helped me look up on life. When high school came around we all got jobs. We saved our money. We needed to go and get away. Then came graduation and we decided to go on our road trip. We went to Canada, Orlando, Pennsylvania, we just drove. Then we reached L.A. and that's where I'm going to start off my story.

All stories have a beginning. And they all have to have an end. The saddest part is, you don't realize there's an end until it's right there, staring you in the face. I hate to break it to you all but you should face the fact before the end comes to you.

My name is Julia Tyler. And this is the story of how I died.


Julia Tyler


A/N: My new story. And before any of you freak, don't worry, I know Ross isn't 19. I just changed it to make it fit the story a little bit better. You know the drill, vote, comment, fan. Thanks!

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