Scream My Name -Niall Horan dirty imagine.

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I was sitting on the couch waiting til Niall comes home from being in the studios all day. I’ve been becoming horny the longer Niall is gone! I just couldn’t take it! Niall has been a busy guy for a couple months now and We haven’t done anything in a long time! I groan loudly as I watch the time goes by really really slow. The longer I wait the longer I got sexually frustrated! I got up heading up Niall and I’s room. I walked into the room plopping down on the bed staring at the ceiling. I should do something to clear my mind and clear my hormonal self!

“I should call Eleanor!” i said sitting up. I reached over to the nightstand to get my phone, but instead I gaze up finding a picture of Niall shirtless and me in a bikini! I groan frustrated as my hormones went up and a tingling sensation crosses my area. I can honestly say, I’ve never touched my self. I’ve always thought it was nasty using your finger. But then again, I’ve never tried it before..

“Maybe just once,” I mumbled to myself. I reached down my shorts and into my pantie. I could already feel myself wet! I slowly thrust my fingers in and out causing me to moan instantly. I laid back down spreading my legs apart as I thrust gently and amazingly in me. I moan as I hit my g-spot. I kept imagining instead of my fingers thrusting in and out of me, it’s Niall’s big throbbing cock. It wasn’t as amazing as Niall’s, but this is all I got left.. For now;)

“Ahh, Niall!” I moan loudly as I claw my free fingers through the bed sheets. I suddenly had the edge to go faster and faster. I could feel my clits getting wetter and wetter by the minute. My walls are growing tighter every thrust I make. I moan Niall’s name loudly as I roll my eyes back from all that amazing pleasure. I arch my back up as my stomach knot up sending me over edge.

“May I join?” A familiar Irish voice asked by the room entrance. I jumped instantly taking my finger out of my clits. I smiled innocently, even though I’m a little frustrated to the fact that he didn’t let me finish. “Don’t act like nothing happened.” He steps closer to me smirking. He starts to unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his pants. He takes his pants off throwing it. I smirk back knowing what’s going to happen. I walked to him pressing my body against him. With my hands, I rip his shirt into pieces. I could already feel his cock growing hard, poking my area. Niall rips my shirt and upclip my bra throwing it somewhere in the room. He place both of his hands on my breast cupping it. I moan loudly.

“Im going to fuck you hard that you won’t be able to walk tomorrow,” his Irish voice growl in my ear. I winked at him practically ripping his briefs off. I gaze down at his cock that was practically a boner now. I got down on my knee and instantly lick his tip. Niall groan a little moving his fingers thru my hair. I shove him in my miuth fully gagging a bit. I sucked hard and licked every place My tongue could get to. I started massaging his balls causing Niall to Moan louder then ever.

“Ahh, Y/N,” he moaned and groaned. “That feels amazing!” I could feel him growing more and more harder by the minute. Seconds later, I feel a wet liquid in my mouth. I suddenly know what it is. Niall’s cum. I sawllowed taking my mouth away from his cock. I stood up smashing My lips to Niall’s lips. Niall instantly shove his tongue in my mouth causing me to shove my mouth in his.He breaks the snogging pushing me softly on the bed making me back up so that my legs wouldn’t hang out the bed. Niall climb in between me. I could feel his tip roght at the entrance of my clits. Niall smirked an without warning, he shove his whole length in me. I groan at the pain. Niall stops for a second gazing at me waiting for me to adjust to his size again. I gaze at him for a second then nodded.

“I’m fine,” You said. He nodded and started thrusting. I moan loudly remembering how amazing it felt when he’s inside of you. You place your hands on Niall’s bare back clawing him. Niall moans thrusting in and out slowly and amazingly. Niall alway’s knows how I love it. I thrust my hips up and down as he did the same. I wrap my leg around his waist so he can go deeper. I flip us over where I’m on top. I start to grind on him, riding him.

“Ahh Naill!” I moan bouncing up and down as my fingers claws his chest. Niall groan placing his hands on my ass gripping it tight. I start to bounce faster and more amazing causing him to Moan my name.

“Say my name louder!” I moan bouncing faster.

“Y/N!” He moaned my name louder gripping my ass tighter. My stomach starts to form a knot down near my area signing that Im almost to my highest point.

“I’m about to,” I moan boucing a little slower. Niall flips me under him thrusting more harder an faster.

“NIALL!” I arch my back up as Niall and I’s hip buckles.

“Cum with me!” He moaned. I nodded slowly rolling my eyes back from how amazing it feels. I instantly felt him explode in me sendin me over edge. I exploded on Niall’s cock as he’s still in me. We both Moan at the end groaning mix with it. Niall takes him out of me plopping down besides me panting heavily. My breath’s out of control, panting, sweats streaming down my bare chest and my chest. I gaze at Niall who’s smiling at me.

“What?” I asked curiously smiling at him. He shook his head smiling.

“I just wanted to say,”he said smiling. He leans in giving me a kiss on the lips. I smile against his lils making him smile too. “That I love You!”He said against my lips. I blush giving him another kiss

“I love you too Niall, baby,” I said against his lips smiling.

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