fourteen: the reveal

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All characters belong to J.K Rowling. Harry Potter does not belong to me. Hey guys! Here is Chapter 15 ! I think there is only one chapter left and them we will start Book 2! Since nobody commented any suggestions except for one , I have decide to do the next book in Hogwarts still. A person suggested I do Harry and Hermione and then do Ron and Pansy but I want your guys opinion. Should I do that or should I do Ronmione and do Pots and Pans (HarryxPansy) or even Charry (ChoxHarry) but in this chapter I do say Ron and Hermione are dating but I could make them break up . I also made it so Lavender and Theo are dating but I could also change that . I want to do BlaisexLuna so I just need advice on the rest . Sorry that was so long and that chapter is a little short today . Enjoy!

"Hermione ?!"
"Why do you guys sound shocked to see me ?" Hermione looked genuinely confused .
"If you're here , then who's that ?" Draco pointed to the Room Of Requirement.
"I honestly don't know what you're talking about ." Ron looked angry .
"Listen Malfoy , what are you playing at ? You date my sister WITHOUT my permission ,call Hermione a mudblood and then suggest that you've just seen her is utterly ridiculous !" He shook his fist infront of Draco's face . He looked unfazed. Ginny grabbed Ron's fist and stopped him before he could do any real damage. "First of all , Ronald , you are not the boss of me so don't act like you have any say in who I date . " She placed her hands on her hips and gave Ron a dirty look and everybody knew that she was angry. "Second of all , I didn't approve of Draco calling Hermione that but after what she did , I'D SAY SHE DESERVED IT !"
Hermione looked very hurt and Ron was flabbergasted but then came back down to Planet Earth and turned to Draco. "You brainwashed my little sister , didn't you !"
"No , I didn't you dimwit ! Your so called girlfriend a few minutes ago told us she was in love with me , killed Collin and attempted to kill Ginny! And your buddy, Potter was there!" Draco shouted in Ron's face . They both looked ...confused?
They looked at eachother .
"Me and 'Mione have been in the libary all day . We don't know what you're talking about ." Ron said , his face puzzled.
"Oh , sorry Hermione , you know I didn't mean it ."Ginny blushed.
"Oh it's fine , Gin!" Hermione engulfed Ginny in a warm hug.
"This is touching really , but if you're here," Blaise pointed at Hermione ,"Then who is in the Room Of Requirement? "
Everyone looked at eachother. "Okay , you guys can go without me , I have a date , it's fine , go on.." Theo said once he saw them walking away and Blaise stepped back and grabbed him by the neck and threw him in front of him. "Shut up , Theo and get your butt to the Room Of Requirement! "
"Lavender is so gonna kill me." He muttered to himself .
"What ?" Blaise said,"You're dating Lavender Brown , from Gryffindor? "Blaise laughed.
"Trust me , she's crazy ." Ron whispered to them . "Can you guys shut up and get over here?" Draco sighed exasperately.
"Oh Draco , you came back to save me !" Hermione or let's call her Evil Hermione for now , shall we ?
She batted her eyelashes at him . "I trust you've come to your senses and dumped that scarlet woman ." Evil Hermione said , her face screwing in disgust . "Don't say that about my sister, you little -" Hermione cut Ron off .
"Who are you ?" Hermione came up to her . Evil Hermione looked shocked .
"Um ," She gulped ," Imposter! Get her out of here!"
"I think we all know when the real imposter is ." Draco sneered at her.
"My throat's dry ," She coughed as if to display her point , "could I have some water please?" She pointed to the drink she had told Collin was disgusting. Ginny made for it and Draco stopped her . He picked it up and smelt it . He looked at them with a grave face . "Polyjuice Potion. "
They gasped. "Who do you think it is ?" Luna asked.
"Malfoy,do you know anyone who was obsessed with you?"
He thought for a while. "Nope ,apart from Pansy who is right here , nobody." He shook his head. Ginny looked extremely scared and Draco came and wrapped his arms around her waist while whispering comforting things in her ear . "Give me the fricking drink!" Evil Hermione screamed from her chair , clearly scared . "No." Ginny said and went back to hugging Draco . "Guys , I think you should see this ." Blaise said as he tapped Draco and Ginny . Evil Hermione's face started bubbling and she started changing . She became a bit short ; with sleek, brown hair ; dark , brown eyes ; fair skin and rosy cheeks .
"Oh .."
"God!" Draco, Blaise and Pansy said together. The four slytherins shouted out her name all together

Dun,Dun,Duuun! Another cliffhanger . Sorry ! I had to do it ! I didn't want to keep Hermione as evil because I quite like Hermione . I have plans for Book 2 so I will be adding in 3 OC's and Draco will start to loosen up and have a bit more fun in his seventh year . I also want advice if I should make Harry and one of my OC's date? Sorry , I'm rambling! By- sorry I mean , Toodles!

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