Chapter Thirteen

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Some weeks later you were in a small trip with your fellow classmates at Hogsmeade. You felt horribly bad for Harry who wasn't able to go because he didn't get his slip signed. You promised him that you'd bring him back something.

You walked with Ron and Hermione.

It was all good at first but then soon you started to feel distant. Hermione and Ron obviously had a spark between them and you thought it was cute.

You didn't want to be in the way of their bonding time so you eventually decided to enjoy Hogsmeade alone.

You walked into the candy shop and enjoyed a cotton candy. You made sure to get Harry a chocolate frog.

Then you went to get a Butterbeer and looked around in stores for a bit.

You saw a beautiful necklace that you liked. It was a silver chain with a beautiful pendant.

It was a snake, who's body was wrapped around a dark green gem. The gem glowed when you touched it. Seems like it glows when it comes into contact with skin.

You bought it, since you thought you were doing well in school and wantes to treat yourself with a little gift.

As you walked out of the shop, you heard a familiar voice and laughter.

"Well, if it isn't Mrs. (Y/n) Potter!"

You rolled your eyes and kept walking.

Draco didn't like to be ignored.

His arm long healed, he left his friends and made his way to catch up to you, making Pansy turn hot with jealousy.

Draco walked next to you and you can practically feel the smirk he gave you.

"So, you and Potter huh? Why did that happen?"

"Why do you think, Malfoy? Why do you even care? I'm not your property." You replied without looking at him.

"Oh, sweet heart, you're not pretty or special enough to be my property. I was just asking because you two have no idea how stupid you two look together. Worst couple in school."

You laughed and shook your head. "No, that would be you and rat-faced Pansy Parkinson."

Draco grabbed your arm and pushed you to the ground, making you drop the little package that carried your necklace.

Draco looked at you and smiled."Ooo. What's this?"

He bent down and picked up the package, pushing you back to the ground with his foot when you attempted to stop him from taking it.

You watched as he opened it.

When he seen it, he smiled.

"Nice. Thanks for this." He waved the necklace in your face and left when he was satisfied.

You got up and dusted yourself.

You had a knot in your throat and you fought the tears that threatened to pour down your face.

Pansy passes by you and said, "Awwww she wants to cry. Where's your sweet Potter now, pathetic lovebug?"

She laughed and walked away.

It was time to head back to Hogwarts. When you got back you greeted Harry. You didn't tell him what happened. You didn't tell Ron or Hermionie. Not even Amy. You felt humiliated that day. Draco layed hands on you. You never thought he was the type to do that. Apparently he was...


A few months later, Draco was even worse to you. He taunted you in front of crowds, shoved you on walls, pushed you, dropped your books, called you bad names. Like really bad names.

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