Chapter 1

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Phoenix, Arizona

In Phoenix, Arizona a brown skinned girl with wild, curly hair, named Destiny Swan, stood next to a pale brunette, named Bella Swan, in a cactus garden. Bella was soaking up the sun's rays savoring her last moments in the heat. Destiny simply was on her phone texting their dad excited to be living with him. Unlike Bella, Destiny did not like the immense heat of Arizona. So when her adopted sister, Bella, said she wanted to go live with their dad, Charlie, she immediately jumped at the chance to go with. So here they stood Destiny waiting for Bella so she could get out of the heat.

"Bella can we please get in the car or go inside. It is so hot out here." Destiny whined. Bella rolled her eyes at her adopted sister.

"Destiny if you want to go inside then go inside. Why are you out here waiting for me when you don't have to?" Bella asked. Destiny huffed and crossed her arms.

"Because mom told me to stay out here and wait for you in case you accidentally fall in a cactus or something." Destiny answered.

"Whatever let's just go." Bella said walking out of the cactus garden. Destiny followed close behind wanting to get out of the heat as soon as possible.

They walked in the house Destiny going to her room to grab her jacket for when she gets to forks. She grabs her jacket taking a final look around her empty room. She closed her door walking back outside to her adopted mother and sister. Destiny watched as her mom handed Bella her phone.

"It won't work again." Renee said.

"Look you put it on hold." Bella said jokingly.

"I did?" Renee questioned confusingly.

"Look you even called Mexico." Destiny said laughing. Renee rolled her eyes and pushed her daughters playfully. They all laughed.

"I'll figure it out, you guys have to reach us while we're on the road. I love saying that - on the road." Renee said after laughing.

"Very romantic." Bella teased.

At the same time Destiny said, "Very fun."

At that time a 29 year old man came out of the house carrying two of Bella's bags and one of Destiny's putting them in the car. Phil, Renee's husband, walked over to the group of girls smiling.

"If you call crappy motels, backwater towns, and ballpark hotdogs romantic or fun." He laughed and kissed Renee on the head while putting his desert dogs baseball cap on her head. He walked away and loaded the rest of the stuff in the car. Renee smiled at Phil and then turned to her daughters.

"Now, if you change your mind I will rush back from wherever the game is." Renee said mostly talking to Bella knowing Destiny loves going to see their dad.

"I won't. Don't worry I'll be fine and you know Destiny won't change her mind." Bella said knowing if Renee stayed it would make her unhappy.

"I don't know you might. You never really liked Forks." Renee said making Destiny roll her eyes and shake her head knowing it wasn't that.

"It's not Forks mom it's dad. You know him and I don't have that good of a relationship. We barely know each other since we only see each other 2 weeks a year. Destiny knows him better than I do." Bella said rolling her eyes at the fact her adopted sister has a better relationship with Charlie than her. It was no secret that Charlie and Renee had their preferences. Both parents loved both their kids, but Renee did prefer Bella while Charlie preferred Destiny.

"That's true mom. Bella hasn't seen dad in a long time." Destiny said knowing Bella stopped going to visit their dad in Forks over the summer and made him come there. Destiny however continued her summer visits until she was 15 when Renee wanted her to stay so Bella wouldn't be alone.

"But I will be fine I promise." Bella said lowkey glaring at Destiny.

Destiny caught it, but Renee didn't. She rolled her eyes and discreetly flipped her off. Bella rolled her eyes. Destiny knew Bella didn't like her, but she didn't know why. As Renee brought her daughters in a hug Bella glared at Destiny as she rolled her eyes. Renee let the hug go and put her hands on Bella and Destiny's faces smiling at them.

"Alright I love you guys, but we got to go." Phil said as he waved them over.

They walked over and got in the car. As they drove to the airport Bella listened to music as she took a last glance at the manicured yards, cactus gardens, and malls. Destiny simply texted her bestfriend from Forks Jacob. She was excited to finally see him again after 2 years. While in Forks during the summer she made a lot of friends in La Push due to always being there with her dad. All the way to the airport she texted Jacob. Finally, at the airport the girls got there stuff and walked to their gate with Renee and Phil. They stopped and turned towards their mom and step-dad. They hugged their mom and as they pulled back they saw Renee had tears in her eyes.

"Oh god, mom please don't cry." Destiny huffed.

"Sorry I'm just gonna miss you guys so much." Renee said as she dried her tears.

"Awe mom we'll miss you too." Destiny said as she comforted Renee.

Bella went to hug Renee again as Destiny turned toward Phil. She smiled and hugged him as he hugged her back. They let go of each other as he kissed her temple.

"Bye Phil, take care of mom." Destiny asked.

"Always. Bye Des and try not to beat anybody up over there." Phil laughed. Destiny playfully hit him on his shoulder while laughing.

"That was one time, but you know can't make promises. Somebody might need to be put in check." Destiny teased. Phil chuckled and shook his head.

"Never change Destiny." Phil said.

"Wasn't planning on it." Destiny said.

"Good and good luck in Forks." Phil said ruffling her hair.

"Thanks and stop you're messing up the mane." Destiny replied smacking his hands. Phil laughed as Destiny moved back next to Bella.

"Alright look out for each other and call me as much as you can. Also, I sent your car ahead with some of your stuff Destiny." Renee said as she hugged the girls for the last time.

"We will. Don't worry we'll be fine." Bella replied.

"Ok thanks mom." Destiny told her.

"Okay bye babies." Renee waved.

"Bye mom." Bella and Destiny said at the same time.

Waving, the girls board the plane and sat in their seats. Bella pulled out a book and began to read while Destiny put on earbuds listening to music as she dozed off.

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